I Got a Bigger Penis Naturally In 3 Months!

I Got a Bigger Penis Naturally In 3 Months

When Utopia was about to have sex, he’d have a hard time getting an erection—mostly because he was afraid of what the girl might think of him and his penis.

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How Utopia Got a Bigger Penis in 3 Months

“For many years, I’ve felt insecure with my penis. I felt that it was not big enough for my body.  I’m almost 2 meters tall (6’5”). . . I’ve never had any complains from any girl, but even that didn’t stop me from being insecure.”

After some internet searching, Utopia learned of penile exercising.

It wasn’t long before his gains rolled in rapidly. “After a little over 2 months, I gained 2 centimeters (0.8″) in length and also 2 centimeters in girth.  I was amazed, and people couldn’t believe my story,” he reports.  “It was truly unbelievable, I was so excited that I took pictures to show anyone interested in penile exercising.” After roughly three and a half months, he had verifiably gained an inch in both length and girth.

Secret to Success

Utopia largely accredits his success to his devotion.  He never missed a workout.  “The real trick,” he says, “is to convince yourself that one missed workout will lead to the next. Skipping training—even every once in a while—will leave you with double amount the time needed, not to mention a bad feeling about yourself.”

He also says his method of choosing a goal played a big role.  Unlike most men—who set high goals right off the bat—Utopia set small goals (in fractions of an inch), reached them, celebrated his progress, and then set a new goal.  “That’s how I stayed motivated.”

The motivation paid off.  Utopia says, “Through penile exercising, I changed my life. I don’t feel insecure while having sex.  I feel like I have total control of my life, and I can transform my penis just how I want.  And if I can do it, anyone can!”

Interviewee Stats

Online Alias: Utopia
Age: 28
Starting Size: Length 6.7”, Girth 4.35”
Current Size: Length 7.9”, Girth 5.35”

This success story was taken from the penis enlargement book Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health.


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