The Importance of Measuring for Male Enhancement

measure penis enlargement

measure penis enlargementWhen working toward any goal, there are several reasons why it’s best if you have some sort of quantifiable measurement, to help determine your progress. This is true for any male enhancement goal too, whether it be penis enlargement, harder erections or improved stamina. First, we’ll talk briefly about why these measurements are important, then we’ll talk about some specifics on how to measure, for three of the most popular areas of male enhancement.

Why Measuring is Important for Goal Setting

Although measuring may seem like a waste of time, it really is important, when it comes to attaining your goals.  Here’s why:

  • Starting Point – Measuring before you even start working on your male enhancement journey gives you a starting point. How will you know if you’ve made any improvement, if you don’t even know where you started? Those beginning measurements can also help you set realistic goals.
  • Subjective Isn’t Accurate – I hear you muttering to yourself, “I don’t need to measure. I’ll know if I’ve made improvement, just by looking.” Regretfully, most people aren’t accurate enough to subjectively look at themselves and judge if they’ve made any progress. The truth of the matter is, we aren’t good judges when it comes to ourselves. We’re either too easy on ourselves, giving us more credit for improvement than we’ve actually achieved, or too hard on ourselves, not seeing the improvements we’ve made. Take the subjectivity out of it completely and measure.
  • Motivation – Measuring can help keep you motivated, especially if you don’t think you’re seeing a difference. Let’s use penis enlargement as an example. Your results are going to be incremental. You won’t wake up one morning with a 2-inch longer penis, like magic, where you go, “Wow! I can’t believe how much I’ve gained!” Your results will be gradual. Think of it like seeing a kid grow. If it’s your kid, and you see them everyday, they don’t seem to have grown much over the summer. Yet, they put their pants on for school and all of the sudden, they’re 3 inches too short! Being able to measure and really seeing your progress you may not have noticed otherwise, gives you motivation to keep exercising!
  • Allows You to Change Your Routine – Measuring also lets you know if you’re on the right track. If you’ve been doing penis exercises and/or using a penis device for a couple of months and you don’t have any measurable differences, something is wrong. You’re either: not exercising consistently, not doing the exercises properly, not using the device properly or for long enough, or need to change your routine to better fit your specific goals. Measurements are the only way to know if your progressing, and when you’re not, you can change up your routine, to make sure you get the results you want, in the least amount of time.

How Do I Measure for Male Enhancement?

How you measure for male enhancement depends on what your male enhancement goals are. The most important thing is you need to measure exactly the same way every time, to get accurate results. For example: if you’re sitting when measuring, always sit.

  • Penis Length Enlargement – For penis length enlargement, you can measure either flaccid or  erect. You can see a great video here showing how to measure flaccid. For erect length measurement, most guys choose the bone-pressed or non bone-pressed method. Both use a ruler. In the bone-pressed method, place the ruler above the penis and push it all the way into the pubic bone.  Once the ruler is firmly pressed against the pubic bone, record your measurement. For non bone-pressed, the ruler is also placed above the penis, but have it just barely touch the skin of your pubic area. Whichever method you choose, use it for every time you measure.
  • Penis Girth Enlargement – There are two primary methods of measuring penis girth. In the first, you use a measuring tape and simply wrap it around your penis, to measure girth. In the second, you wrap a piece of string around your penis, and then lay it flat along a ruler to take a measurement. Either method is fine, just always be sure to use the same method. Also, be sure to measure your girth at the same point each time. Many guys have differences in girth along the shaft of their penis, so measuring toward the head of the penis can give a significantly different measurement than around the base.
  • Stamina Improvement – Measuring stamina improvement is fairly straightforward, and all you need is a clock. However, the important thing here is to always begin timing from the same point, whether this be when foreplay begins or when actual intercourse begins. With stamina, keep in mind other factors can come into play, including stress. For this reason, take an average of several sessions, to get a good idea of your starting point.
  • erection hardnessHardness Improvement – This is the only measurement that does rely on subjectivity. However, with the use of the Erection Hardness Scale, developed by the European Urology Association, you can come as close as possible to quantifying your hardness, without the use of any special equipment. Level 1 is when your penis is larger but not hard, if you squeeze it, if feels like the hardness of tofu. Level 2 is a bit larger, and the penis is starting to get firmer, with the hardness of a banana without the peel. Level 3 is hard enough for penetrative sex, but there is still some give to the penile tissue, with the hardness being similar to a banana with a peel. Lastly, Level 4 is a fully engorged penis that is full rigid and is as hard as a cucumber. If you’re unsure about where you fall on this hardness scale, have these foods on hand and do a side-by-side comparison.


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