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mecoach male enhancementBig Al, of, answers a question about improving sex drive, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I have a problem with masturbation. 2-3 times / day…

…I currently am not with anyone regularly . I want to build my confidence not only in the bedroom but within myself. I do have a partner(s) from time to time But not really interested in these woman anymore. Drama headaches and just lost sexual interest most of the time. I’d rather masturbate.

I’m thinking of taking anabolic steroids, not too heavy. It would be to gain muscle and my sexual drive but not mainly for that to be honest. Id rather permanently cure my ED problem cause I would not keep doing anabolic steroids very long.I just need a little boost from my hard work at the gym which seems to be getting no where as far as growth . This is as honest as I can be. I have not yet decided on this matter.  I feel I’m severely losing out in the great pleasures of life. I’m really excited about MeCoach though and looking forward to your knowledge and moving forward!

Is there a direct herb that you would recommend. For my sexual drive? I read an article but suggested too many. Korean red ginseng maybe?

Big Al: My advice would be for you to halt any masturbation- limit your ejaculations to training only.  One of the most likely reasons your libido is so low is that you’re masturbating too frequently.  By restricting the number of your ejaculations, you’ll not only raise your libido, but you’ll also significantly improve your EQ.  You might also be overtraining with your weight workouts- especially if you’re not gaining from them.  This too can be causing an impact on your libido and EQ.

There is also a strong possibility that you have “overconditioned” your penis through negative masturbation habits- especially if you masturbate more as a release than anything else.  The common culprits are using too tight a grip and/or rushing through.  The Erect Kegels and Stop and Start exercises will help reset more desired functioning and it’ll vastly improve your abilities.  After a few weeks of this, you should note significant improvement, but if you still wish to experiment with herbal supplements, I would recommend Maca and Yohimbe. The latter may have some negative side effects but is very potent- so use it in very small amounts to begin.

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