Increased Testosterone, NoFap and more: Ask the Experts


bodybuilding-guideBig Al, of, answers questions about increased testosterone, NoFap, and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I feel like my testosterone levels have increased dramatically…

… I wake up feeling buff, having hard and long lasting morning wood (2+ hours today), better EQ, annoyingly high libido, increased ejaculatory volume (not far away from what it was in my prime) and rock hard, big testicles. I also feel much more confident and my anxiety has  almost completely dissolved. Thoughts?

Big Al: Though not often discussed, a positive attitude CAN have a beneficial effect on hormone levels.  The less emotionally stressed you feel, the less cortisol you’ll emit and the better you’ll be able to boost your T levels and natural GH. The effect is further enhanced by performing intensive exercises- like heavy weight training.

Q. I want to improve my stamina but also want to try some NoFap for awhile…

…How should I do that?  I’ve read a lot about your stamina training recommendations.  Why do you recommend ejaculating in each stamina workout?

Big Al: Let me explain the reasoning behind this.  If you’re planning on taking a break from sexual activity for awhile, then something like the NoFap can be an excellent exercise in discipline.  If you plan on forgoing all sexual activity AND training, some detraining may occur.  You might also expect some involuntary ejaculations in the form of wet dreams.

If you’re training and inducing erections with intense exercises like the Stop and Start, the semen you build up will be excreted the next time you urinate.  You may also induce vasociongestion (blue balls).

If you’re training to improve your sexual functioning, regular ejaculations would be necessary since the end function of sex for you would be ejaculation- and everything that leads up to it.

Q. How crucial is the warming up/warming down…

…for the extender?

Big Al: Proper warm ups/warm downs are essential.  Because of the low intensity nature of extending you might be able to get away with a less stringent warm up/warm down.  Some light stretches and vigorous massage is better than nothing, but for best results heat should also be used.

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