Intensity of Kegels, Damage from Male Enhancement & More: Ask the Experts

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keep calm kegel onBig Al, of, answers questions about how many Kegels you should do, what is meant by PNF burnout and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q.  I just started training.  When I kegel…

…I’m contracting as hard as I can.  Is that OK? 

Big Al: No- you should only be contracting just enough to accomplish the reps for now.  Many men injure their pelvic floors by overcontracting that way.  Your first sessions should be comfortable enough to establish a baseline to work up from..  In time, you can work up to more vigorous contractions and more challenging exercises.

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Q. I keep hearing that there is risk of permanent damage…

…from male enhancement work. Is that possible

Big Al: The risk of injury exists with any form of physical training.  First, make sure that you get a check up from your doctor to ensure there are no underlying anomalies. present.  Once you’re set to begin, make sure to ease into your training. Your first sessions should be devoted to learning the feel of the execise and mastering its form.  As long as you take care to follow instructions and are cautious, your penis should only get stronger.  If you have poor conditioning/EQ, it would make sense fr you to focus on bringing that up before devoting more of your time to enlargement movements.

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Statement: Believe me – it takes guts having to go to the pharmacy to get those pills too…

…- looking people in the eyes while doing so, especially in my somewhat young age. Confessing this in an email is nothing compared to how that feels.

Big Al: If you could imagine how many men trick themselves into avoiding sexual activity due to their fears, it would make you sad.  Worse yet, most men who do attempt to seek help are often referred to pills or worse- to remedy something they most likely have the power to fix.  Even worse, these men deprive themselves of the benefits of resolving these issues.  How impressive it is to feel the success of transcending something as crippling as ED and developing sexual mastery in the process!

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