Interesting Penis Facts: Part 3

happy penisYup, we’re a bit penis-centric here at PEGym. Not a big surprise. 😉 So, let’s look at some interesting penis facts you may not have know! This is the third part in our Interesting Penis Facts series.

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Interesting Penis Facts


  1. worlds largest condomIn 2003, the Guilin Latex Company made the world’s largest condom. It was 260 feet tall and 330 feet around. It was made from yellow PVC and put on a hotel in Cuilin, China, as a promotion of World Population Day.
  2. In 1995, a man from Hong Kong, Mo Ka Wang, lifted 250 pounds, two feet off the ground, with his penis.
  3. Having sex at least once a week is good for you! It can lower a man’s risk of stroke by 50%, diabetes by 40% and heart disease by 30%. Plus, men who are sexually active are more likely to live past 80 years old.
  4. King Henry VIII had the largest codpiece in England during the Middle Ages. This penis covering was molded and padded into the shape of an erection.
  5. Ancient Greeks preferred small penises and showed contempt for slaves and foreigners by depicting them with big penises.
  6. A medieval cure for impotence included the steeped brains of 30 male sparrows, the grease around the kidneys of a freshly killed goat, and as much honey as needed. The man was supposed to eat this concoction before sex.
  7. The Liberalia was a state holiday celebrating a son’s first ejaculation, in ancient Rome.
  8. The Latin word for bullet was glans – meaning “head of the penis.” Romans used to write lurid inscriptions on their sling bullets they slung at their enemies.
  9. To get an erection, the penis needs approximately 130 ml of blood, and the man must have a very high circulation rate of 2 ml per second to cause the diameter of the arteries to double in size.
  10. Leonardo da Vinci once said, “A man who is ashamed to show or name the penis is wrong. Instead of being anxious to hide it, man ought to display it.”

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