Interview with the Editor of Penis Exercises: A Healthy Guide to Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health

Interview with Rob Michaels - penis exercises book

The editor of Penis Exercises: A Healthy Guide to Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health, Rob Michaels, provides his take on penis enlargement, how penis exercises work, and the facts and myths surrounding male enhancement, in this interview with a true penile exercising expert.

Interview with Rob Michaels - penis exercises book

QUESTION 1: Why did you write this Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health?

The short answer: It needed to be done.

The long answer: There’s so much confusion and misunderstanding with the term “penis enlargement,” on what works and what doesn’t, and how to use “penile exercises” safely and effectively.

Even on penis enlargement forums with millions of posts, there’s a lot of misinformation and, in many cases, too much information for guys to know exactly what to do.

This can be really tough for a man who doesn’t have hours upon hours to haul through post after post. Even worse, a lot of information contradicts other information. So when a guy thinks he knows exactly what he’s supposed to do, he often doesn’t.

“I spent three years researching and writing Penis Exercises so I could build a book with the most solid, effective information out there.” Penis Exercises provides the editors of the’s take on penis enlargement, how penis exercises work, and the facts and myths surrounding male enhancement, in this interview with a true penile exercising expert.

QUESTION 2: They say penis enlargement doesn’t work, but in Penis Exercises, you claim that this is a big misconception. Could you elaborate?

As I say in the book, this myth is slowly fading away. According to a penis survey of the top penis exercising web sites, roughly 1.3 million men have tried exercising their penises.

In the book, I reveal the ways in which penis enlargement might work, evidence for its effectiveness, and debunk several other common “penis myths” along the way.

QUESTION 3: It’s been said that if a man is serious about penis enlargement, he “NEEDS Penis Exercises.” With all the information on this site and others, why do you think men need this book?

Although I’m reluctant to say that a man absolutely needs this book, I will say that this book goes above and beyond a website. With nearly 300 pages of information, Penis Exercises is what I view as a complete manual to penile exercising.

Most online guides, including pay-sites, don’t go into detail on how to do penis exercises properly – which leaves a lot of room for error and dangerous exercising. Online guides provide a great start, but it’s generally not enough. If it were, we wouldn’t get the same questions so often on the forums: “What am I doing wrong?” or “What exactly should I do?”

QUESTION 4: In the book, you mention that penile exercising is only healthy if you do it properly. Could you elaborate?

Without a doubt, penile exercising is healthy. That’s why countless men consistently report rock-hard erections, and studies show that some penis exercises are more effective than erection drugs (more on this in the book). But just as you can injure yourself by lifting weights the wrong way at the gym, you can injure your penis by exercising the wrong way, too.

For one reason or another, most men try to rush through penile exercising in the same manner they rush through foreplay. This very common mistake leads to an unsettling experience. In Penis Exercises, I go over the numerous ways a man can not only avoid injuring himself, but also make penile exercising healthy — by following the three principles in the “Circle of Gains,” the advice in the chapter on how to avoid common side effects, and hundreds of other tips.

QUESTION 5: What’s the biggest difference between penile exercising and gym exercising?

Besides the fact that you’re not curling weight with your penis as you do with your arms and legs, I believe the biggest difference is permanency.

Unlike the gains you make from exercising your biceps, the gains you make from exercising your penis are often permanent. Some men have quit over 10 years ago without losing a millimeter.

Although I go over several possible explanations for the how penis enlargement gains are permanent in Penis Exercises, I believe it has something to do with the main purpose of the penis: to have a firm, hard penis.

QUESTION 6: Within the community, there’s a “fight club” mentality in that many men believe penis enlargement should be kept a secret. Your book is at odds with this “do not talk about penis enlargement” belief. How do you feel about that?

I completely understand the reasoning behind the belief. In fact, before the book was published, I asked myself, “Do I really want to do this? I could keep this knowledge hidden in the clutches of the Internet, as it has been for several years, and just forget I ever wrote the book.”

In the end, I came to my senses and realized why I wrote the book in the first place: To help men. To help men who, like myself, want to improve themselves without the fear of injuring themselves — and who want to understand how this stuff works and how to make it work better.

If you are one of the men that fear the “competition” will steepen in the sexual arena, first realize that sex isn’t a competition. It’s more like a union between you, your partner, and whoever else may be present. Second, consider how many men would have to gain an inch to raise the “average penis size” even a quarter inch. I imagine, at the very least, tens of millions.

And here’s more good news: by reading this, you’re already well ahead of the game while the rest of the world is “in the dark” on the benefits of penile exercising.

QUESTION 7: The main focus of Penis Exercises is how to make the penis bigger, harder, and healthier, but the book also goes over how to improve several other areas with penis exercises. What are the major ones?

Without a doubt, most men who do penile exercise do it with the goal of achieving a larger penis. I believe, however, that the true power of penile exercising is the many other benefits it provides.

Along with how to build stronger erections, the book goes over other key benefits such as how to use exercises to last longer in bed, have multiple orgasms, cure premature ejaculation and fix a penis curve.

QUESTION 8: What’s the best piece of advice you would offer to men looking to exercise their penises?

Follow the principles in the “Circle of Gains” chapters religiously. Also, make sure you read all the various other tips throughout the book. I was very selective in the information I put in Penis Exercises, and didn’t include anything if it wasn’t backed by several men who tried it.

If you’re unable to get the book, then my suggestion is this: Use less intensity than you think you need in the beginning, and always increase the intensity bit by bit as times goes on.

Also, since how much you gain is often based on how you exercise, be sure you learn as much as possible. Get your information from somewhere reliable, whether it be from Penis Exercises or digging through as many penis forum posts as possible.

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