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mecoach big alAJ “BigAl” Alfaro is one of the expert trainers at He’s been involved in male enhancement since the 1990s – helping thousands of men since then, reach their male enhancement goals. Whether it’s penis enlargement, improving stamina, resolving porn addiction, improving erection quality, or any other sexual health topic, BigAl is an expert on sexual well being. This interview give us even more insight into meCoach and the services they can provide.

Q. Who is the “typical” meCoach client? i.e. age, demographic, relationship status…

BigAl: We conducted a survey earlier this year and the results published at­size­survey­results . We found most (68.3%) men interested in improving their penis size are between 18 and 34 years old. However, we have members in all age ranges, even over 75 years of age! Slightly more men who pursue male enhancement are, by their own admission, single­ though we don’t ask for those details. A sizeable number of the men who sign up as clients seem to come from the US, and a significant percentage from India.

Q. Do you think the preoccupation with penis size is related to current cultural trends?

AJ: The penis has always been linked to a man’s sense of virility. Look at 15th century Europe and thr common practice for men to wear codpieces ­­ specifically used to make a man’s genital area look larger. You also have phallic symbolism in art dating back to prehistoric times.

Today, we now have technology and scientifically proven exercises to actually get men the larger penis they’ve always wanted.There is surely some correlation between worrying about size and trends, though in recent years there’s been a growing preoccupation with performance and stamina. From my observations, the subject of sex and preferences is not as restricted as it used to be in the mainstream. Even in the past 15, years there’s been more openness in discussing men’s concerns of all types. Surely the internet has a strong role in this phenomenon.

Q. Why is it important for some men to increase the size of their penis? What role does it play beyond sex?

AJ: We attempt to help men to see increasing penis size as something constructive and confidence boosting, but not necessary. The best results are often achieved when men are able to approach the subject of penis enlargement in a manner where anxiety is diminished and the sense of accomplishment at fulfilling goals is maximized.

In a lot of cases, men who are looking to enlarge suffer from a lack of “penile fitness”. Their erections are poor and there’s often some degree of erectile dysfunction involved. In those cases, it’s more about helping them restore proper functioning and stamina. An increase in function alone can account for a good amount of size, and having a “fit” penis appears to make male enhancement exercises more productive.From there, these clients they may opt to add extra size and we do our best to help them achieve those goals in a safe but efficient way.

Q. Could you walk me through the process? Does it differ man to man?

AJ: There are enormous differences in each clients’ wants, and the instructions given to each client is customized to their goals, needs, and any restrictions to training they may have.

What happens when a client signs up from is they’ll be instructed to fill out a baseline questionnaire and to review the introductory section in detail to learn what to expect from the service­ and what’s expected of them as a client. Their baseline questionnaire will then get sent to their coach, and using the details of the questionnaire, the assigned coach will respond and create a routine­ or request further information for that purpose.

The instructions are essentially to follow instructions and to keep close track of training details­ either in the private meCoach journal (there is software for that in the meCoach member’s area) or in a client’s own preferred file. The coach regularly reviews all updated journals to make sure clients are kept on track and they’re training in a progressive but safe manner.

Clients can ask their coach as many questions as often as they like or need, and most of the consult will be via email for privacy and convenience. For clients serious about getting the most out of their coaching experience, regular phone or Skype consults can be conducted through our Premium option along with a much faster paced level of service.

Q. How universal do you think the desire to get a bigger penis is?

AJ: I think it’s a very common want, though the reasons for each man can vary widely. Quite a few seem to be interested in the possibility of enlargement, and can approach the idea with a sense of fun and as a challenge to be met. For those who suffer from severe emotional issues where their feelings of self­loathing are fixated on their penises, it’s recommended that they attempt to get their emotions under better control if they’re to be able to eventually train with any success.

A serious lack of sexual self­confidence is often correlated with erectile dysfunction. The practice of attempting to force the penis to erection while angry or frustrated can actually have a negative conditioning effect. This can result in, not only a lack of any type of gains, but in even faster deterioration of their erection quality.

Q. Asides from just enlarging the penis, how else does your method help guys?

AJ: Male enhancement can be a stepping stone towards achieving even bigger things­ besides penis size. If you can learn how to apply principles requiring mental/emotional discipline and order towards yourself, this can help with self­confidence and the ability to meet goals. The concept is similar to many forms of physical training­ where by training the body you also train the mind as well. In truth, the end goal of our service is to help men develop their mindsets and confidence to get beyond any potential concerns over penis size.


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