Interview with MrMuley – Prize Winner in Jelq for Health Month

million jelq month

MrMuley was one of our first prize winners in our Jelq for Health Month and was kind enough to answer some of our interview questions. Thank you, MrMuley, and congratulations again!

You can be a prize winner too! There are lots of prizes left to award. Prize winners are randomly selected from PEGym members participating in Jelq for Health Month and recording their jelqs on your Jelq Reporting Thread. Start jelqing and recording now, for you chance to win!

Q: How long have you been doing penis exercises?

MrMuley: First off, i’ve been doing P.E on and off for a while… picked up on it mid 2010, did some mild research, then settled on the JP90 routine. I used to do it max 3 times a week, because JP90 at the time was quite intense. I usually did around 150 jelqs a session. That was the max. Plus, I never took very good measurements or tracked my progress that much. P.E was mostly just a ‘by the way’ or ‘if i remember’.

It was an on and off thing.. do it this week, skip next week, do it for the next two weeks skip a month. I did that for about 4-6 months, then forgot about it until 2011 (if i remember correctly). It was again an on off thing. Did it for about a month and a half while skipping a week here and there. Thing is, with all this inconsistency, I still made some gains… I was considerably larger than I was in 2010. Without the proper records (or memory ), I can’t confirm it, but I believe I had grown an inch in length and an inch in girth, because last I measured (1.5 months ago) I was at 7.5″ x 6.0.” I attribute most of my gains to ‘newbie gains’.

Q: What is your favorite penis exercise?

MrMuley: My favorite exercise, at the moment, would be the V Jelq. It gives me some very good post exercise positive indicators. I had never done it before.

Q: Do you have any advice for men who are new to penis exercise?

MrMuley: The one piece of advice I think every one should know before he starts… It works, it simply works… you just have to want it bad enough.