Interview with a Long-time Penis Pump User

bathmate penis pump

Bathmate Pumps LargePumping is one of the most popular ways to get the male enhancement results you want. Whether you’re looking for a longer and thicker penis, harder erections or increased stamina, penis pumping can get you where you want to be. Penis pumps, like the best-selling Bathmate, are designed so the vacuum created expands the chambers of the penis, facilitating growth and increasing blood flow. Thousands of men have improved their penis with pumps.

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Recently, we had the opportunity to interview one gentleman, Peter, who is a true pump-a-holic. He pumps for multiple hours a day and has had lots of experience getting the size results so many men want.

KIMBERLY: How long have you been pumping?

PETER: I started pumping in 1987, but had no idea what to do. I pumped much too fast and ended up with a distorted and disfigured cock which was impossible to Masturbate. Bad start.

I started reading up about it and found that there was a large contingency of literature on how to go about (pumping) safely and efficiently. As I was living in California at the time, I had access to clubs and gay men’s hangouts where there was a wealth of information. Although I am not gay, I found this area to be the best for tips on what to do.

KIMBERLY: What prompted you to begin pumping?

PETER: As far back as I can remember after my first erection at age 9, I have been fascinated in the reaction that the outline of my cock has on others : male, female and transsexual. For this reason, I have sought ways to increase the girth at first, and since, the length.

KIMBERLY: Since you started pumping, what benefits have you noticed (size increases, increased stamina, etc.)?

PETER: The obvious one is that of increased size and girth. I don’t know if I can call this a ‘benefit’, but it is certainly fascinating.

KIMBERLY: What other male enhancement products have you tried, besides pumping?

PETER: I have tried the JES Extender, which basically stretches the body of the penis, initially to extend the part which is within the body and then by allowing more blood to enter the Penis by increasing the size of its internal ‘pockets’. I found hanging weights from my cock much more fun and just as efficient. I have been (hanging) for decades.

Jelqing is another technique which I have found efficient to maintain length after a pump session. I often find though, that I achieve an erection, which I don’t particularly want, so I have not used this method very often.

KIMBERLY: Have you tried supplements? 

PETER: As far as pills are concerned , the only ones I take in connection with cock enhancement, are Kamagra, Yohimbi, Horny Goatweed, Zinc and Saw Palmetto. All of these enhance blood flow to the penis and, in the case of Kamagra help with achieving long lasting erections. The longest I have had is 4 hours.

KIMBERLY: What advice would you like to give to men who are new to pumping or considering giving pumping a try?

PETER: Take it slowly. Life is long. Eat healthily. Don’t take chemical drugs. Don’t drink alcohol. Don’t smoke. Masturbate/have sex to orgasm once or twice per week.


Those are some pretty wise words at the end.  Take it slowly. Pumping is a really effective way to get longer and thicker, with harder erections. However, never overdo it. Like any exercise for any part of the body, start slowly and you’ll get the results you want.


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