Penis Exercises and the Different Workouts for Penis Enlargement

Penis exercises are exercises specifically designed for penile enlargement and the improvement of erectile function. To learn more about penile exercises and how you can obtain a healthier manhood, read the article below.

Article at a glance:

  • Penis exercises involve massaging techniques which encourage blood to flow in the tissue of the penis to help increase length and girth. Other penis exercises, like Kegels, strengthen the pelvic floor and help improve erection quality. 
  • The penis is partially made of smooth muscle. According to the Journal of Urology, “Normal smooth muscle content and function are necessary for the initiation and maintenance of erection.”
  • Penis exercises can be categorized into 4 types: 1) Stretching or Traction Exercises, 2) Expansion or Compression Exercises, 3) Kegel Exercises for Men or Pelvic Floor Exercises, 4) Jelqing or Combination Exercises. 
  • Although penile growth won’t occur instantaneously with penis exercises, it’s worth noting there are many men who can attest to its benefits. There are also a some medical professionals who did research on its effectiveness, including Dr. Brian Richards, author or the Chartham study, and Dr. Richard Howard II, who has done penis exercises himself. 

Written by Rob Michaels
Updated 11/28/2018

What Are Penis Exercises?

Penis exercises are massaging techniques which can help lengthen and expand the tissue of the penis. These exercises include jelqing and various stretching techniques that create ‘micro-tears’ in the tissue, making the penis appear longer as it heals.[1] When the body repairs those tears and creates new cells, you get more tissue.

Other exercise methods like Kegels focus on strengthening the supporting skeletal muscles of the penis, which is the pelvic floor.[2] Doing various types of penile exercises can help increase penile length and girth, as well as erection quality.     

Penis exercises can range from one basic exercise to an advanced workout regimen, consisting of multiple exercises. Most of these exercises focus on penis lengthening or increasing girth. On the other hand, some exercises focus more on improving erection quality and sexual stamina to help men last longer and control their orgasms. While these exercises can be done manually, many men also complement their routines with penis exercise devices.

Keep in mind: your main goal should be to build a healthy penis first.

Obtaining a larger penis is secondary because it comes hand in hand with a healthy one.

Just as in weight training, beginners should never start performing advanced penis exercises. By starting with the basics of penis exercises and continuously dedicating time to do the proper routine, men can certainly benefit from it by achieving a healthier penis.

How Do Penis Exercises Work?

Our bodies are designed to adapt to change. Although the idea of exercising to improve one’s physique isn’t new, the concept of exercising the penis has only been observed in the last several decades. Penis exercises work on the same principle bodybuilders use to increase their muscle mass. And though most medical resources say the penis is not a muscle, this is not entirely true.

As I’ve mentioned before in the Jelqing article, the penis is partially composed of smooth muscle. Though smooth muscle is different from skeletal muscles which we normally work out, both actually grow when placed under stress, such as exercise.[3] Following this logic, we can hypothesize that penis exercises can bring about desired enlargement, increasing the length and girth of the penis.

Penis Exercises - Anatomy, Smooth Muscle Cells

Penis Anatomy, Smooth Muscle Cells – image from

Similar to exercising the muscles in your arms, penis exercises can build stronger muscle tissue and encourage new tissue cells to form. It would make sense to speculate that penis exercising either creates more smooth muscle cells, or causes the smooth muscle cells to grow. Although medical research has yet to officially confirm this, studies show the penis is indeed part muscle. And just like its muscular counterparts, it’s logical to presume smooth muscles also grow.

In a study published in The Journal of Urology in 2004, researchers note that “Normal smooth muscle content and function are necessary for the initiation and maintenance of erection.” This tissue must also be able to completely relax in order for the penis to lengthen and enlarge.[4]

In another study by Dr. Eric Wespes in the International Journal of Impotence Research, findings showed there must be a sufficient amount of smooth muscle tissue in the penis for healthy erections to occur.[5]

Furthermore, men have pelvic floor muscles at the base of their penis. Studies reveal that the strength of the pelvic floor muscles can greatly impact a man’s sexual stamina, which is also directly linked to erectile dysfunction.[6]

Penis Exercises - Journal of Urology

Other Theories Supporting Penile Exercises

Apart from the fact that the penis is partly made of smooth muscle, there are other supporting theories which might explain why exercising the penis can be an effective method of male enhancement. This largely has to do with the anatomy of the penis.

From an anatomical perspective, not all penises are the same. Take for example the tunica albuginea, which is the tissue surrounding the penis just underneath the skin. The tunica is also an extension of the pelvic floor muscles.[7] Most men have two layers of tunica, some have only one, while others have three.[8] It’s also been speculated that men who practice penis exercises may gain length and girth quicker or slower depending on the number of tunica layers. With this fact in mind, the unique anatomy of man’s penis will most certainly affect how it will react to different exercises.

How does this show penile exercises can work? Here, we have to take a closer look into penis anatomy. The penis is composed of three chambers: the two chambers on top are called the corposa cavernosa, and the chamber at the bottom is the corpus spongiosum, which holds the urethra. These three chambers are partially composed of smooth muscle.

Penis Exercises - Anatomy, Three Corpus Chambers

Penis Anatomy, the Three Corpus Chambers – image from

The Tunica and Penile Exercises

When a man becomes aroused, the arteries inside the corpus cavernosum fill with blood. Once it’s full of blood, the smooth muscles relax and the veins press against the tunica. The tunica prevents the blood from leaving the penis—a process which allows men to maintain a strong erection.

Penile exercises work by applying positive pressure that allows blood to flow evenly through the chambers of the penis. Performing proper exercise routines consistently help train penile muscles, promoting smooth muscle tissue growth and healthy erectile function.

Exercises Can Help Reveal the Inner Penis

Penis Exercises - Dr Tobias Kohler

According to Dr. Tobias Kohler, assistant professor of urology in Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, “Most guys would be proud to know that their penis is twice as long as they think it is.” This is because half of the length of the penis is actually inside a man’s body. Men do not commonly see the entire length of the penis because it is attached to the pubic bone and tucked up inside the pelvis.[9]

The inner penis can be released by stretching with proper penis exercise routines. Over time, it allows more of the inner penis to come forward, which results in increased length. This is also why some men prefer gentle stretching and elongating of the penis instead of invasive methods like surgery.

Penis Exercises - Anatomy Inner Penis

The Inner Penis – image from

Are Penis Exercises Effective?

As it is, most medical professionals are more likely to recommend penis enlargement surgery instead of penis exercises. This is understandable, given how very few studies have been conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of penile exercises.

However, even with penis enlargement surgery to correct penis curve or Peyronie’s disease, there are medical professionals who often recommend the use of penis extenders or penile traction therapy (penile exercises can be performed with a device) before and after surgery to help preserve length.

Therapy that uses mechanical means to lengthen or straighten the penis is referred to as penile traction therapy. According to research published by Dr. Landon Trost in the Journal of Sexual Medicine: “Penile traction therapy is a viable therapy to modestly improve penile length as a primary therapy, before penile prosthesis placement in men with decreased penile length or after surgery for Peyronie’s disease.”[10]

Although few scientific studies have been published about penis exercises, early research done by Dr. Brian Richards in the 1970s also reveals how effective penis exercises can be.[11]

The experiment, called the Chartham Study, enrolled 30 men in a penis enlargement program which included penis exercises (much like the ones here on PEGym) together with the use of a traction device. Two men dropped out of the study, while 28 men were reported to experience the following positive results:

Penis Exercises - Chartham Study Results

Data from Penis Enlargement Methods by Gary Griffin

It’s important to note this experiment took three months. For anyone who wants to increase penile length and girth, it must be understood that penis exercises take time and must be done consistently and correctly to achieve desirable enlargement goals. And even then, there are men who have reported little to no results after doing exercises for three months.

Today, while most medical practitioners are apprehensive about the effectiveness of penis exercises, Dr. Richard Howard II attests to its benefits. In fact, he has practiced penile exercises for more than a decade. With dedicated penile exercise routines, he claims to have gained 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth.

According to Dr. Howard, “I got into penis exercises after I read about the Chartham method and tried that… You have to go at it easily, stay warm, do different variations, and try to maintain tissue looseness.”[12]

Despite lack of medical research, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence online that claim penis exercises are effective. For instance, if you visit’s Success Forum, you’ll see numerous first-hand accounts of men who have experienced enlargement results. With time and consistent effort, these men were gradually convinced that penis exercises work.

In one of our surveys, we asked a total of 957 men about their penis exercise gains. We only included information from men who have performed exercises for three months. You can view the data below.

Penis Exercises - PEGym Survey 957 Men

Data based on an Official Survey by PEGym

For more details about our survey results, you can read our Penis Survey Results article.

Moreover, here are some responses from members of the PEGym forum. Again, please note that penis exercise results vary. To protect our member’s privacy, their actual names have not been published.

Penis Exercises - PEGym Forum Member Testimonials

PEGym Forum Member Testimonials

Basic PE Terms You Should Know:

  • BPEL means Bone Pressed Erect Length
  • EG means Erect Girth
  • JP 90 routine – a beginner’s routine developed by one of PEGym’s members

What Are the Risks?

Before attempting to do penis exercises, please read all the warnings below for your safety.

Penis Exercises - Injury

Just like any workout, over training, lack of warm ups, and inadequate rest periods during penis exercises can lead to injury – image from

Penis exercises are usually a safe method of penis enlargement. However, like regular exercise, there are side-effects and risks when it’s performed incorrectly. Some of these include:

  • Injury Applying too much pressure or increasing intensity too fast can lead to penis injury. To prevent this, doing longer warm ups like taking a hot shower or wrapping a warm towel around the penis will help relax penile muscles before the exercise. It’s also best to take adequate rest days and avoid over-training to ensure your safety. Moreover, do not exercise with 100 percent erection level. This is dangerous and can cause injury. 
  • Bruises – Performing intense exercises can also cause bruising of the penis. This is a clear sign you should reduce exercise intensity and take a rest. If this happens, it’s better to stop and start a gentler routine once you’re sure the bruise has healed.
  • Penis Spotting Along the Penis – Medically called petechiae, spotting around the shaft of the penis is usually common for beginners. The spots do not usually affect penile hardness or growth. While it’s normal for spots to appear when you’re starting, it’s best to check if the spots aren’t disappearing. If this is the case, you should take a few days off and exercise again with decreased intensity. 
  • Darkening of the Penis – Trauma on the skin is the main cause of skin darkening. While mild skin discoloration is normal, too much can be a sign of over-training. It can also mean you’re not performing adequate warm ups and taking enough rest days for your penis to recover. To avoid this side-effect, you can do longer warm ups and perform exercises more gently. 

What Are the Benefits?

Apart from helping increase penile girth and length, penis exercises can also provide the following benefits:

  • Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction – In a 2004 article published in the British Journal of General Practice, studies showed penis exercises, specifically Kegels, help improve erectile function. During the three-month study, men who performed regular pelvic floor exercises, together with healthy lifestyle changes were able to achieve better erections.[13] Kegels encourage blood flow in the pelvic floor, enabling greater control in maintaining blood in the penis during erections.
  • Improve Premature Ejaculation – Exercising the pelvic floor is also an effective treatment for premature ejaculation. In a 2014 study published in Therapeutic Advances in Urology, 33 out of 40 patients were able to control their ejaculatory reflex after performing pelvic floor exercises for 12 weeks. 13 out of the 33 men were able to sustain the result for six months.[14]
  • Reduce Penis Curvature, Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease – According to Dr. Jason Greenfield of the Columbia University Medical Center, penis stretching exercises and devices can help improve penis curvature, a condition known in the medical community as Peyronie’s Disease.[15] Peyronie’s Disease is a condition caused by scar tissue inside the penis. It’s visible as a penile curve, can be painful, and causes shortening of the penis. 
  • Build Your Confidence – Since sexual function is often a “use it or lose it” proposition, regular penis exercises can actually help condition your body for sex. In turn, it will help you gain more confidence in your self. And in the long run, better sexual health will translate to an improved sex life.

What Are the Different Penis Exercises?

There are different exercises for the penis and these can be categorized into four types:

  1. Stretching or Traction Exercises
  2. Expansion or Compression Exercises
  3. Kegel Exercises for Men or Pelvic Floor Exercises
  4. Jelqing or Combination Exercises

Stretching or Traction Penis Exercises

Stretching and traction penis exercises work by gently elongating the tunica, smooth muscles, and ligament tissues. Through this stretching and traction, micro-tears form. This encourages new cellular growth.

Stretching exercises can be done with no special equipment. Wear traction devices, such as extenders, under loose fitting clothing. There are stretching and traction exercises for a variety of levels – from beginners to more advanced penis exercisers.

The following are examples of penis stretching and traction exercises. Click on the link for each to learn more about the exercise, including instructions on how it’s performed.

You can also do stretching exercises using equipment:

Expansion or Compression Penis Exercises

Expansion and compression penis exercises help expand the smooth muscle tissue cells in the penis, by pushing them outward on the tunica. Oftentimes, this expansion is created by compressing one portion of the penis, to expand another part, such the Uli exercise.

Expansion and compression exercises, like stretching exercises, do not require any special equipment to perform. These are manual exercises, where all you need is a private setting and time. There are a variety of exercises that are suitable for different experience levels. Expansion and compression exercises are also great for girth increase.

flaccid penis bendThe following are examples of expansion and compression penis exercises. Click on the link for each and learn more about the exercise, including instructions on how it’s performed.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises – Kegel Exercises for Men

Penis Exercises - Man Doing the Kegel Exercise

Man doing the Kegel Exercise – image from

Strong pelvic floor muscles are key to achieving healthy erections They also help you achieve the best erection angle possible. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor and help increase blood flow in the penis.

Dr. Steven Lamm, author of the bestselling book The Hardness Factor, says “Increasing blood flow to the penis strengthens erections and enhances the function of your vital organ.”[16]

Your erection quality (EQ or hardness) depends on blood flow to the penis. EQ exercises encourage the vascular walls to expand and nourish the penile tissues. Many penis enlargement exercises also do this, so a harder penis is often a side effect of penis enlargement exercises.

Kegels are easy to learn. You can even use a well-timed Kegel to stop premature ejaculation. They also offer a variety of benefits, including: prostate health benefits, incontinence control, and improved erection angle.

How to perform Kegel Exercises:

  1. Find your pelvic floor muscles
  2. Contract your pelvic floor muscles
  3. Hold the Kegel contraction
  4. Release the Kegel contraction and repeat

Originally an exercise for pregnant women, men soon learned the benefits of Kegels thanks to research done by Dr. Arnold Kegel. To learn more about this exercise, read our article on Kegel Exercises for Men.

Jelqing and Combination Exercises

Jelqing and combination exercises simultaneously stretch the penis while also providing expansion on certain areas to facilitate cell growth in tissues. The combination of stretching and expansion helps provide increase in length and girth. They can also be done to help correct a Peyronie’s disease or penis curvature.

Jelqing is ideal for beginners. However, by jelqing at a higher erection level, more advanced exercisers can increase intensity to suit their level. Though exercise equipment for jelqing is not required, men can use jelq devices to assist with hand strength, applying even pressure while performing jelqs.

NOTE: The following is an instructional video submitted by a user on how to do the basic jelq. This video contains frontal nudity and may not be suitable for all audiences. Please consider this before clicking play.

To learn in-depth information about jelqing and how to perform this exercise, visit our Jelqing page.

Penis Exercise Equipment

1. Penis hangers and weights fall into the stretching and penis exercise category. They use the power of gravity to provide a consistent force along your penis shaft. This tension then causes those micro-tears, to encourage new cell growth. These are typically best for intermediate to advanced exercisers. Note the primary difference between the two:

  • Penis HangersThe hanger attaches to the penis and then the weight is attached to the hanger.
  • Penis WeightsThe weights attach directly around the shaft of the penis. Wear weights underneath loose fitting clothing.

2. Penis extenders also work on the basis of stretching and tension. Although extenders come in a variety of designs, they all have a means to attach the extender to the base of the penis and just behind the glans, as well as some sort of tension to extend the distance between the two fastening points. As you grow, you expand the extension to facilitate more growth.

3. Vacuum extenders usually have a comfortable design. They suction onto the penis and attach to either the leg or waist, to create the extension. Because of this design they are also extremely discreet. This allows men to wear them under everyday clothing.

4. Penis pumps work on the expansion principle. Every penis pump has a cylinder that accommodates the shaft of the penis to create a vacuum within the cylinder. This vacuum causes the penis tissue to expand. This expansion not only fills the penis with nutrient-rich blood, but also expands the smooth muscle and tunica tissue in the penis, causing the micro-tears and new cellular growth. Some men who suffer from erectile dysfunction use both penis pumps and cock rings to help maintain an erection.

5. Penis clamping is an expansion exercise done by intermediate to advanced penis exercises. This creates more blood in the penis than normal, causing expansion and cellular growth, specifically girth increase. Carefully time this exercise to prevent injury. To learn how to perform proper penis clamping, please read our article: Penis Clamping Step-by-Step.

6. Jelq devices are designed to assist you while jelqing. They are typically a scissor-design, with two rollers that roll along the shaft of your penis, as you perform the jelq. These are especially good:

  • If you have reduced hand strength.
  • If you want to ensure you’re applying even pressure throughout your jelq.
  • You’re planning on doing a lot of jelqing and want to avoid hand fatigue.

The Bottom Line

Although growth won’t occur instantaneously with penis exercises, it’s worth noting that there are men and some medical professionals who can attest to its benefits. Like any other exercise routine, it will require time and consistent effort before you see positive results. Here’s some practical advice from professional Male Enhancement Coach, AJ Alfaro:

AJ Alfaro of meCoach

AJ Alfaro of meCoach

“People talk about being pressed for time. Take 20 minutes a day to devote to penis enlargement exercises. Are you willing to set aside a few minutes a day for building a bigger and harder penis?”

Building your routine slowly and consistently will help increase growth and improve erection quality. It’s also important to take sufficient rest days and avoid over-training to prevent injuries. Remember, do not perform intense penis exercises if you are a beginner. Follow the proper routine and be patient with the results.

For more information on proper beginner exercises, read this article on Your First Penis Enlargement Routine.


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  1. Hi, unsure if this is the best place to post, but wanted to ask a few Qs about stretching:

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    My other Q is i have a tight foreskin, but don’t want to see a Dr. Are there stretches you can do to loosen this up and make it function normally?

    FYI, I’m sitting just under 6″ and I want 7-7.5″. I’ve read 1-1/2″ in entirely possible if the work is put into it (usually a year) and newbie gains are quite fast! Not looking for too much girth, but a little extra wouldn’t hurt! I just obviously don’t want to put the work if it the changes won’t be permanent.

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    • Hi mate,

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