iPenis: Apple’s New Measure App is Reinventing Dick Pics

Oh, thank you Apple for your latest iOS 12 addition – Measure… and the reinvention of dick pics! This new app is simple to use — point your iPhone’s camera at an object and VOILA! Measure gives you (not surprisingly) it’s measurement. You can now measure any object. A box. Your dog. A cup.

Your penis.

Twitter user @bobwclarke hits the nail on the head with his Tweet.

iPhone iOS12 Measure Dick Pic

But, before you go thinking you can use Measure as you’re new means of tracking your penis enlargement progress, sorry – it’s too inconsistent and inaccurate. According to BGR, they received several different dimensions for the same object – if after the measurement for the object had already been recorded. So, although it may be a fun app to play with… and I’m sure Grindr is going to be getting¬† a lot of Measure dick pics through its servers… you’re going to have to stick with the tried and true ruler & measuring tape measurements to accurately record your progress.

Are you still unsure of how to measure your penis properly? We have a series of How to Measure Your Penis videos! Yup – videos. Check them out here…

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What Are You Using Apple’s Measure App For?

So, other than your penis… because I know there’s a ton of readers that have already unzipped their pants and given it a try… what are you using Apple’s Measure for?

Tell me in the comments section below!

Honestly, I can’t think of anything I want to measure – so wondering if it’s just a novelty app, or am I missing it’s usefulness?



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