Jealous Woman Arrested After Cutting Off Her Partner’s Penis

woman cuts off boyfriends penisZhanna Nurzhanova, 36, was arrested after allegedly cutting off her boyfriend’s penis, in a fit of jealousy. And, this jealousy all started with a picture on his phone.

The boyfriend, who has yet been named, sent a picture of a woman he knew to his sister. In the text, he apparently made a favorable comment about the woman’s appearance. 

His girlfriend, Nurzhanova, needless to say, was not happy.

She is accused of giving her boyfriend a sleeping pill. When he passed out, she injected him with a local anesthetic, then proceeded to cut off his penis. Ironically, Nurxhanova then put her boyfriend in the car and drove him to the hospital, where she was promptly arrested.

Sadly, despite the best efforts of doctors at the hospital, they were unable to reattach the man’s penis. Apparently there was too much damage done to it.

Nurzhanova claims it happened in a rage of jealousy. However, given the anesthestic and the sleeping pill she just happened to have on hand, it seems like it was premeditated to me.


This is one of those instances where an-eye-for-an-eye justice, I believe, is in order. I hope she gets what she deserves.

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