Jelqing Results 2018 Report – Does Jelqing Really Work?

Jelqing results 2018 report – Does jelqing really work?

Let’s take a look at the results some members have gotten with jelqing as a major part of their male enhancement routine, with our jelqing results 2018 report.

jelqing results 2018 penis enlargement happy guy jelqing report 2018Whether you’re looking for:

  • Penis length enlargement
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Jelqing is the base to every effective male enhancement routine.

Our jelqing results 2018 report takes real results, from real men, to see the progress they’ve made, thanks to jelqing.

Member Name Jelqing Results 2018 Time it Took to Gain 1st 1/2-Inch
feelsgood 3 months of pumping and very light jelqing; twice a day of 5 min at 5″Hg, then 10 min at 9″Hg. 3 months
jockinthebox Jelqs (about 250), edging + my URO stretches 5 days a week, then wearing a steel cockring the balance of the day+ sleeping to hold engorgement & cement. 2 months
Telerecca At first I was just doing jelqs. Then I did some research and started JP90’s routine. 3 months
DaveX My PE routine has now settled into something consistent that I’m happy with (and really enjoy) and it’s simply jelqing for 40-60 strokes then edging for 5 mins and repeat (for about 30mins). I do this 3 to 4 times a day – Three days in a row then 1 day rest. 3 1/2 weeks
Priorititties A stretching and jelqing routine. I do believe that this also has to do a lot with my improved EQ. 25 days
jhon ny I m doing 2 hours streching 35 min jelqing10 min ulis 13 min clamping 3 months
ino What I did differently was implementing V-jelqs and longer warm-ups and some more jelqs. 9 monhts
HopefulPersistant I regret not focusing more on V jelqs. I kind of rushed through those after finishing 30 mins of standard jelqing. I did warmup really well though, 15-20 mins each time. 4 months
domnus I started jelqs and basic stretching. 6 – 8 months
Vegetableman123 JP90 and jelqing in general i guess has made my erections so much stronger already, while standing while erect I would be erect out at a 90 degree angle straight, now its a lot stronger and at a 45 degree angle. In progress
duude I was doing some sort of stretches, 10′ Jelqs and a lot of flaccid and erect kegels. 2 – 3 months
Dongo My routine starts with manual stretching, then jelqing for at least 30 min, I then do some more manual stretching. When eq permits I do some light clamping. 6 weeks
Undead Lots of jelqs with little to no length exercises. 360 stretches and side to side holding between 6-10 seconds. 4 months

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