Jelqing Tips, Distractions & meCoach Premium: Ask the Experts

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mecoach male enhancementBig Al, of, answers a question about how to balance a busy life and stay consistent, as well as hating pausing during intercourse while using Stop & Starts, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q.  I really want to get the most out of my training so I don’t waste any time!…

…Are there any tips or techniques you suggest I should be using for jelqing?

Big Al: The best tip I can give you for jelqing (or any other exercise, for that matter) is to focus fully on each repetition as if it were the only one you were going to perform. MANY perform this exercise in a distracted manner, and doing this causes a disconnect between the mind and your body.

Q.  Your Jelq Free routine is great and I’ve been following it for 4 weeks now!…

…The thing is I get distracted and sometimes don;t get to train but twice a week.  Can this hurt my gains?

Big Al: Yes!  A lack of training frequency can slow or even halt your gains, and your overall conditioning and EQ can be impacted as well.  For the Jelq Free, the optimal training frequency to start with is 3.5 times a week- or every other day.  Over time, you can bump this up to 4 or even 5 times a week- though too much training frequency an be even worse than too little if you induce overtraining.

Q. I’ve been considering your meCoach male enhancement coaching service for awhile now and wanted to ask about your Premium subscription option…

…What makes this different from the other types of memberships?

Big Al: Thanks for your interest in the service!  The Premium meCoach male enhancement service differs from the other membership options as follows:

  • Premium members are entitled to weekly phone or skype chats.  Live communication greatly increases the learning curve, and the dynamic nature of live conversation lends itself to a much more thorough consult experience.
  • Premium members get a more intensive experience.  While standard members also get their journals reviewed regularly the Premium option is definitely not self paced!  If you’re looking for a more disciplined, no-nonsense and serious approach to training, you’ll certainly be held to the highest standards with the Premium service experience!
  • Premium members get priority responses in the email queue.

Regardless of what level of service you choose I’ll do my best to address all of your questions and concerns in a timely and thorough manner!


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