Jonah Falcon to Join the ‘Members’ of the Penis Museum

Jonah Falcon

Jonah FalconA few months ago, we reported on an upcoming documentary — The Final Member — the competition between an Icelandic man and an American who wanted to become the first human penis displayed in the Phallological Museum. Yes, you read that right – a penis museum.  

Well, move over Pall Arason and Tom Mitchell (the American cowboy who was willing to donate his penis before he died *shudder*) and make room….  


for Jonah Falcon!

The Icelandic Phallological Museum has offered Jonah Falcon a spot in their infamous penis museum. More interestingly, it sounds like Falcon is going to accept — after his death, of course.

Jonah Falcon, an actor and a writer, is known as having the world’s longest penis, ever measured in a documentary. Falcon’s penis first appeared in the HBO documentary, Private Dicks: Men Exposed. His 13.5-inch penis garnered even more fame when Rolling Stone did a feature article on him and his super-sized member, which was followed by the BBC documentary, The World’s Largest Penis. 

In Jonah’s letter of donation to the museum he quips:

I appreciate your museum’s devotion to science,
and it would be an honor to have my manhood 
put on display,
hopefully nestled between the sexual appendages of a sperm whale and a polar bear …
I hope I don’t make either of those creatures jealous.
May I suggest you call the exhibit, ‘Jonah and the Whale’.

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