Keeping Motivated, Soreness After Penis Exercising, and More: Ask the Experts

Sit ups can help reduce the fat pad

male enhancement coach big alIn this Ask the Experts section, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro answers questions and addresses comments about a tight member after kegels, fat pad’s role in non-BP length, keeping motivated, soreness after penis exercising, and proper tension stretch exercises form.

Q. I tried to take measurements today...

... and it was hard to get a full erection, so i decided against it. My member was feeling so tightly attached to the ligs and my erection size had reduced drastically. I feel i have experienced this problem before after i thought my member was shrinking rather than growing which led me to stopping PE altogether. Would be glad if you helped me with this.

Measuring without BSing yourself is key to recognizing your gains.
Contracting your kegels too hard, in the beginning, can lead to a “tight member” and reduced erection size.

Big Al: A question that might help get to the bottom of this- when you kegel, how hard are you contracting? In the beginning, you should only be contracting hard enough to accomplish the rep. MANY trainees feel that they need to contract maximally, and this can lead to the symptoms you described.

Sit ups can help reduce the fat pad
Sit ups and lower abs workouts can help reduce your pot belly and fat pad.

Comment: I have included sit ups...

... and lower abs work outs, in addition to stretches of pubic area. I think that may help. You can try that out too and see if that helps.

Big Al: Yes- in addition to the fat pad, one not-often discussed problem is abdominal distention ("pot belly"). If you view yourself nude in the mirror from the side, you can note the difference in your size by allowing your abdomen to distend, and then contracting it ("sucking in your gut"). Tightening up the abs and reducing intra-abdominal fat can go a long way toward increasing any non-BP length.

Comment: I am very motivated to make my goals happen,...

... but I know I have to be patient. I think my mindset is definitely changed about my size, since I have started the workouts, I just feel better about myself knowing that I am doing this to improve myself. Thank you!

Big Al: That's excellent news 🙂 One key in keeping motivated is to ensure when you're not training or educating yourself about male enhancement, that you do your best to think of other things. Some men become obsessed with their training to the point where the "fun" factor get sucked out of it.

A small amount of soreness is normal, after a penis workout, but should not last for more than 24 hours.
A small amount of soreness is normal, after a penis workout, but should not last for more than 24 hours.

Q. My penis is a little sore this morning...

... after doing exercises yesterday. Is this normal? However, it's not sore at this moment anymore.

Big Al: A slight amount of soreness is normal. If you're sore for more than 24 hours after a session, you might be overworked.

Q. How am I supposed to...

... hold myself for the tension stretch exercise. What grip should I use and could you explain exactly how to hold that grip.

Big Al: The most productive position is either standing or reclining with your hips thrust forward. To grip, ensure any excess skin is retracted from the glans, then grip immediately behind it. You can use one hand over the other to get a more secure grip, but use only enough grip strength to accomplish the rep - do not overgrip! You can also use a small towel to pad and enhance your grip, if necessary.