Kegel Exercise Studies: Kegels as an Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

kegel for erectile dysfunction

kegel for erectile dysfunctionPEGym has always known Kegel exercises for men are one of the exercises every man should be doing, for optimal sexual health. Male Kegels (and their counter Reverse Kegels) keep the pelvic floor muscles strong and healthy, while also promoting blood flow to the penis, which results in a healthier penis! You can learn more about what Kegel exercises are and how to do them here — Kegel Exercises for Men.

Right now, let’s take a look at a very exciting Kegel exercise study confirming the importance of male Kegels in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Randomised controlled trial of pelvic floor muscle exercises and manometric biofeedback for erectile dysfunction

This study was conducted by a team of researchers from The Somerset Nuffield Hospital, the University of West England, the University of Oslo, and the NHS Trust Hospital. The researchers noted the pelvic floor muscles are active in normal erectile function. Therefore, it was hypothesized that weak pelvic floor muscles could be a cause of erectile dysfunction.

Fifty-five men with erectile dysfunction (median age 59.2 years; range 22–78 years) were enrolled from a local urology clinic. Of these, 28 participants were randomised to an intervention group and engaged in pelvic floor exercises, as well as receiving biofeedback and suggestions for lifestyle changes. Twenty-seven controls were solely advised on lifestyle changes.

At 3 months, compared with controls, men in the intervention group showed significant mean increases in the erectile function. All showed further improvement in these outcomes at 6 months. Similar benefits were seen in men of the control arm after transfer to active treatment. The conclusion?

Pelvic floor muscle exercises and biofeedback are an effective treatment for men with erectile dysfunction.


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