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positive male enhancement workout attitude

positive male enhancement workout attitudeBig Al, of, answers questions about Kegeling, attitude and male enhancement and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. For some reason, on more than one occasion, I’ve forgotten to do kegels before start/stops (edging)…

… and I end up doing then in the shower while warming down. Is there any disadvantages to this?

Big Al: The disadvantage to doing it this way is you don’t get the tissue stretch benefit that could be had, if you did your Kegels immediately after your enlargement exercises.  Still, if there’s some issue with your schedule where you have to split your routine up, then doing it the way you’re doing it is better than not training at all.

Q. On some occasions, I’ve felt rushed or just wanted to get (my training) over with,…

…and I think it may have affected the quality of the session. Have you found attitude to be a factor in your experience or your experience helping others. Thank you for your time.

Big Al:  You’re welcome 🙂  There’s nothing more important for your gains than having a positive attitude and focusing on your exercises to the exclusion of all else.  When you start treating your routine like an afterthought, your gains will likely suffer.  If you have to, use some kind of motivation mechanism to reward yourself after training.  You might aslso want to do it early in the day.  This way, you get the feeling of accomplishment that comes from having your workout done- and the rest of your day should tend to go better too 🙂

Q. Question about stop and start, what is the ultimate goal of stop and start….

… Also is training six days a week too much or is that fine, so long as I am still getting good PII’s? I will measure tomorrow to really see how my progress has been going, but I have noticed more flaccid length and overall volume, so I think it’s good.

Big Al: The ultimate goals of the Stop and Start is to help you to develop maximum hardness, control, endurance, and your powers of visualization.  You should be able to perform this exercise 4 times a week at peak levels.  To really get the most out of this exercise, make sure you’re attempting to hold a “skin splitting” erection during the duration of the exercise.  If you cheat yourself on this exercise and perfom beolw your abilities, you’ll fail to maximize your EQ.

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