Kegels and Stretches, Rice Sock Hanger Warm-Up & More: Ask the Experts

rice sock

rice sockBig Al, of, answers questions about reverse Kegels and stretches, rice sock hanger for warm-ups and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. Yesterday,  I read something about not doing the reverse Kegel,…

… but when I’m doing the stretches I’m always holding the reverse kegel, so the PC muscle doesn’t stop the efficiency of the stretch.  What should I do?

Big Al: There are many trainees who are convinced that the BC muscle (worked during the reverse Kegel) is the antagonist to the PC muscle (worked in the standard Kegel) like the biceps is to the triceps.  It’s based on the precept that because you contract the PC with the same mechanism, you stop urination and you contract the BC with the mechanism that forces urination, these muscles are somehow diametrically opposed.  The problem with that idea is it’s wholly incorrect.

Here’s a diagram of the PC muscle: 

PC muscle

and here’s a diagram of the BC muscle:

BC muscle
You can see from the positioning of these muscles, they are NOT antagonistic.  You can also see the BC muscle is NOT in a position to release the suspensory ligament from any stress. On the contrary, flexing the BC muscle CAN cause a counter to stretching due to its connection to the perineum!

EDITOR NOTE: Check out “The Anatomy of the Pelvic Floor Muscles” for more information on these very important muscles!

Q. I want to try the rice sock hanger for my warm ups….

… Do I put my penis inside or fold the sock over my penis?

Big Al: The sock should be loosely filled, so you can drape the CLOSED sock over your penis.  Do NOT insert your penis into an open sock filled with hot rice.

Q. I’ve just quit porn and have been doing the Stop and Start….

… I have noticed some improvements already, but when I fantasize, my stamina is not as great as it was when watching porn.

Big Al: My own recommendations are not to “fantasize” but to “visualize”. When you visualize, you’re not engaging in sexual fantasies but you’re concentrating on the feel of the exercise itself- and you’re also focusing on projecting the type of emotional feel that you’ll want to have during a sexual encounter- which is complete confidence and being completely unfettered.  While this may be difficult at first, what it’ll do is to eventually allow you to completely absorb all stimuli when you have your next sexual encounter without any preconceived conditioning. 

Q. I have overtrained with girth exercises…

… at an erection level of about 75% in the past. This makes me think the uli #3 would be too much; however, I’ve also succeeded at this erection level. If you could explain grip strength and sensations to go by, I would be more comfortable about it.

Big Al: The grip strength and reps/time are where you can adjust to avoid overtraining.  ANY time you start a new exercise, you should err on the side of caution and train moderately.  Use a moderately light grip and a fairly low rep/time level for yor ULIs to begin with, and allow yourself a few sessions to reach a good baseline. 

The exercise should feel like an exaggerated jelq — resistance to your movements and pressure felt within the glans.

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