Kimberly’s Review: Vigorelle – All-Natural Lubricant & Female Sex Enhancer

vigorelle all-natural female sex enhancerOne of the best things about the products on PEGym is that someone in-house has tested them. We turn away so many manufacturers, hoping to partner with us, because we want to make sure a product does what it says it does. Over the last years, this means that I, personally (being female), haven’t been able to test products. The guys get all the fun! ūüôā

Well, I was happy that our new section — Just for Her — has products I could actually give a try!

When building this new product section, one of the first products I tried was Vigorelle.

vigorelle all-natural female sex enhancerVigorelle bills itself as an “all-natural lubricant and sex enhancer.” Now, typically, I don’t¬†have any complaints in the bedroom. ¬†However, who doesn’t want to change things up a little bit, every now and again? And, a little extra lubricant is never a bad thing, so I was excited to give Vigorelle a try!

Without going into too many sordid details, the first thing I noticed about Vigorelle is it felt cold. I honestly thought it was literally cold – temperature-wise. However, even after a a minute, it still felt really cold. Now, that might not sound like the best thing… ¬†but it was! When they say it makes a woman more sensitive… it definitely does!

The best part? It didn’t affect “Mr. Kimberly”. He has some pretty sensitive skin. We’ve tried other sensation-type lubes, only to have them really bother him – sometimes to the point that it completely ruins the mood. Vigorelle, however, was a non-issue! That made me extra-happy!!

The lube itself was a nice quality and relatively long-lasting. Plus, it was very easy to clean up. Another important factor.

All-in-all, I give Vigorelle two thumbs up!

Don’t just take my word for it — definitely give it a try! And, don’t forget, with a 60-day, no questions ask guarantee, you and your girl can try Vigorelle¬†risk free!!

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