The Logic Behind The High Frequency Training Phase In Beginner Penis Enlargement Routines

The Zen of Penis Enlargement

Zen of Penis EnlargementIt has been asked why some of the basic routines are performed more frequently, in some phases, than many of the more advanced routines.  In this article, we’ll discuss and explain the logic and need behind this.

Beginner Penis Enlargement Routine is Not About Size Alone

It should be noted a beginner routine should not necessarily focus on size alone. Instead, general conditioning should be the priority, in order to ensure you can train your penis to withstand high levels of stress.  In the standard Basic Training routine, it has been noted there is a ceiling on the volume per workout done, but the frequency increases every couple of weeks to a high of training twice a day, for five days out of the week (for a total of 10 sessions in a two week period).  What the more frequent training does is to ‘condition’ you into getting fitter as quickly as possible.  By ‘fitter,’ I mean actual strengthening of your penis and a maximizing of your stamina.  The rep/volume ceiling is there to prevent overtraining and also to limit the possibility of injury to new trainees.  The beginner phase also prepares you to handle the targeted and intense exercises of the more advanced regimens.

This type of training can induce fatigue without inducing injury, and it is also not uncommon for a tranee’s EQ to dip slightly in the last week of training.  This is remedied by the layoff week that follows. This can result in a burst of gains via the ‘Rebound Effect,’ of having had enough time for full recuperation and growth.

Moving to Advanced Penis Enlargement Training

What often follows this phase is a switch to ‘Advanced’ training.  This type of training usually focuses on exercises that are more intense and target length or girth with more specificity.  There is also no ceiling of volume in the advanced phase, so the individual workouts themselves can be much more voluminous and challenging.  What often confuses a lot of trainees is how low the training frequency is for many of the advanced regimens.  The reason for this is the individual workouts are of higher intensity (as compared to the limited beginner phase workouts), which require more time for recuperation and growth.  It is very important to note training is merely the stimulus to gains.  It is during the actual rest phase where your penis and associated organs recuperate and grow.

The partial exception to the above is when a ‘High Volume/Low Intensity’ regimen is performed.  Movements like light jelqs, extender work and All Day Stretchers are done for higher volume and can be done more frequently because of the low intensity impact, compared to more advanced movements like heavy hanging or The Squeeze.  With this in mind, high volume movements can also be abused, and the ‘more is better’ mindset should be used for them.  To gain with high volume methods, you should make regular but limited increases from session to session, keeping a close eye on your EQ to ensure you’re not overtraining.

Due to the nature of this subject, there are many more questions we can explore. Please feel free to submit your questions and recommendations for future articles to complement this one.

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