Lurkers & New Members – Enter to Win!

bathmate hercules

bathmate herculesWe have lots of active members here in the forums – men (and women) who post, answer questions, chime in, etc.. But, we also have a large number of members who simply read all of the amazing posts and other content.

And, that’s OK! We understand that chatting with strangers, especially about something so personal, can be difficult.

So, we’re going to have a giveaway in the month of June, for any member who has never posted before. Even if you’re one of the members who has been reading our forum for years, but just never posted – you can enter! If you’re brand new to PEGym, and haven’t posted, you can enter too!

How do you enter?


Just make a post, in any forum, and then post the URL to that post here in this thread —

To find the URL of your post, look in the upper right corner of your post. You’ll see a number — that will lead you to the specific URL for your post. Easy as that! 🙂

Here’s an example:…ml#post1220186

Name:  Sample.jpg
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Size:  19.6 KB

So, what will you win?

A Bathmate HERCULES!

So, our wonderful lurking members and our newbies, post now! 😀

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