Maintaining an Erection, Tissue Stretch & More: Ask the Experts

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mecoach male enhancementBig Al, of, answers questions about maintaining an erection, tissue stretch and a loss of EQ when dieting, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q1. I’m having trouble maintaining a standing erection for more than 15 to 30 seconds without any stimulation!…

…Could there be something wrong with me? This is when I’m by myself. I’m not using any Viagra, porn or mental thoughts of naked women.

Big Al: With the exception of going through periods of high libido without relief or morning woods, one shouldn’t necessarily expect to maintain an erection in the absence of stimulation. This is especially the case if you’re able to get aroused without tactile stimulation in scenarios where you’re sexually aroused. Also, don’t make the mistake of frequently “testing” your erections to check your erection quality (EQ). This becomes an obsession for some, and the increased negative emotional backdrop combined with repeated testings can create a negative condition effect with can impact EQ.


Q. I’ve seen you write about getting a quality tissue stretch from your exercises…

…but what does this mean, exactly?

Big Al: The most “pure” example of tissue stretch can be felt when performing an erect kegel. The hyperexpansion one feels when performing the exercise is similar to what one should expect when performing a quality girth movement. With length work you should feel the basal ligaments being stretched during the initial part of the exercise. As the ligaments attenuate, you should then feel the shaft itself (tunica and fascia) begin to elongate.

Q. I’ve been dieting to get ripped and my EQ feels like it’s decreasing…

…I’m also finding myself more tired. Could diet and activity be causing my EQ to drop? Should I perform my male enhancement workouts before or after cardio?

Big Al: A change in diet and physical activity can impact EQ negatively if overall energy levels feel decreased. You may want to look into your caloric intake, activity levels, and sleep patterns to see where the deficiency is.

If you’re training cardio, you should perform your male enhancement training before or very well afterwards.


    • The human body definitely needs carbs to function properly. Sadly, our modern diets are filled with high-glycemic carbs that do more harm to our body than good. A diet rich in lean protein and low-glycemic, unrefined carbs (veggies and fruits such as berries), is one of the best ways to promote overall health, as well as sexual health, specifically.

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