When Are Male Enhancement Claims Too Much?

male enhancement snake oil

male enhancement snake oilMale enhancement products, especially penis enlargement devices and pills, are often thought of like snake oil. Are products simply preying on the insecurities of hundreds of thousands of men? When are male enhancement claims too much?

I was reading an article about a British company, Comfort Click, who has been forced by the British  Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) to pull all of their marketing for an extender they promoted.  The ASA surmised that Comfort Click’s claims were unrealistic.

They had claimed that by wearing the extender for 6 hours a day, men could gain up to .07 inches per week. Ultimately, they said after four months of continuous use, men could increase their penis length by up to 24%.

Is this an unrealistic claim?


I often use more traditional exercise programs as a comparison to penis exercises. Obviously, there’s been a lot more studies done on body building and weight loss, than lengthening and thickening the penis. Here I’ll use the same analogy. It is possible for a person to lose 10 pounds per week, but do most people lose that much weight, that quickly, when they undertake a weight loss program? — No.

I think we have the same issue here — Is it POSSIBLE for someone to use a penis extender and gain 24% in length over four months – yes. Is it PROBABLE – no.

I suppose this is when male enhancement claims are too much, when they make it seem like a really exceptional result is the result most men will have.  I think it damages the credibility of the PE world, when manufacturers over-exaggerate claims.

This is why I love it here at PEGym.com. Members can read posts from tens of thousands of real men about what has worked for them, what hasn’t, and what quantitative results they got. The good – the bad – and the mediocre. And, if someone is interested in a device and sees a claim they’re unsure about, they can post on the forum and ask for feedback.

Of course, there will always be the snake oil salesmen out there – snake oil in the sense that the product doesn’t work at all. We try to weed those out as well. But, we also try to ensure “marketing hype” of products gets some real world feedback in our forums, so everyone can make a well-informed buying decision.

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