Male Fertility Study Seeks Participants


Male Fertility Study Seeks Participants

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Dear Prospective Infertility Treatment Candidate,

We are pleased to present a possibility that may help men with existing infertility issues when classical means have failed. This help would come via the implementation of stem cells for the improvement and restoration of fertility function in men.

If you have been through the classical processes involved in determining your fertility status and have undergone the tests involved this may especially be the opportunity for you.

There is a well-established clinic in Europe that has been using stem cells successfully with no side effects for over 25 years. They are planning on producing a movie about their male fertility restoration procedure and are inviting candidates to undergo this 20 thousand dollars procedure at NO Cost for the procedure. You would spend 5 days onsite, to undergo tests and their stem cell application procedure. They would also be covering the costs for your flight to and from their site as well as lodging and meals while on site.

What they would be asking in return is that you firstly agree to be part of the documentary movie and have the stem cell application process filmed during certain phases of the procedure, excluding delicate moments. No private or personal information would be disclosed. They would also ask that you agree to take part in filmed follow up interviews for the next 2 years or so at your place of residence.

Additionally certain pre-qualification tests would be required, such as a seminogram to for semen analysis to determine the potential reasons for Azoospermia. Depending on the results of these initial tests other pre-qualifying tests may or may not be required. If your candidacy is accepted and you undergo the trial, they would also ask that you undergo the follow up testing at your own cost to measure changes in blood and sperm counts. The main goal of the movie and trials is to show the true process results, which can be achieved and theoretically lead towards possible pregnancy through natural or IVF methodologies.

If you meet the initial pre-candidacy qualifications you would be asked to sign an NDA after which a more significant level of detail about the full process and possible additional testing requirements can be reviewed by each potential candidate. As well as a potentially more in depth health questionnaire as pertains to your specific case of infertility.

Potential Treatment Results!

  • Greater number of sperms in ejaculate, even in cases of confirmed Azoospermia
  • Improved sperm motility
  • Increased numbers of non-defective morphologically mature sperm
  • Minimization or total elimination of inflammational changes in ejaculate
  • Erectile function improvements

The clinics restoration results of male infertility show an increased amount of “active” sperm in ejaculate after stem cell treatment for 6 months, as reported in near 50% of cases

The (IVF) in vitro fertilization success rate reached 35%, and a 6% fertilization rate via natural sexual intercourse.

Results will vary for each individual, but positive effects were noted in ALL cases. The majority of patients consisted of men who showed no such improvements using traditional means of treatments.

Basic criteria which disqualifies participation in this research study*:

  • Uncontrolled epilepsy
  • Severe renal insufficiency
  • Decompensated cardiovascular pathology
  • Decompensated pulmonary pathology
  • Patients with high risk of thrombotic and hemorrhagic complications
  • Congenital malformations of the urogenital system
  • Implants in the organs of the urogenital system
  • Traumatic or surgical removal of the organs of the male reproductive system in past
  • Patient who has a current or past history of viral infections, such as Hep B and C, HIV.
  • Known malignancy within 5 last years, such as cutaneous basal cell carcinoma, or cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, lymphoma, lymphoproliferative disease, etc
  • Genetic problems
  • Total absence of Sertoli’s cells

Please contact for more information or to get started.

The above is a sponsored advertisement.  PEGym does not make any representation as to the accuracy or suitability of the above service.  We recommend doing your research and asking questions before participating in any service. 



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