Male Penis Enlargement versus Penile Enhancement

Male Penis Enlargement versus Penile Enhancement

Although the terms male “penis enlargement” and “penis enhancement” are sometimes erroneously used interchangeably, they are very different from one another. Penis enhancement, by definition, focuses on improving male sexual function and performance. In contrast, male penis enlargement focuses on increasing the physical size of the penis. Going411by7 gives us insight into these two concepts, through his personal journey.

Male Penis Enlargement versus Penile Enhancement
Male penis enlargement and penis enhancement are not the same thing.

Male Penis Enlargement Was Never the Goal

Male penis enlargement was never my goal, Although, to my good fortune, I gained a thicker, longer penis within my first five months of practicing PE.

I started my quest by surfing dozens of web sites devoted to male penis enlargement. Many promised better erection quality, which was my major concern at the time, and thus began my journey into the world of penile enhancement. More than six years later, I continue to practice PE and, by extension, self-improvement in general, while sharing my experience with the members of several male penis enlargement forums, including The PE Gym. My commitment to PE is a natural outgrowth of my life-long devotion to learning and growing — as a man and as a human being.

Although my initial routine of manual male penis enlargement exercises was based on information I garnered from over a hundred pages of researched material, from multiple PE blogs, and although I practiced home alone and in isolation, my improved erection quality and my gains in length and girth piqued my natural inclination to share my success with others. I soon joined a male penis enlargement site and, within a matter of months, found myself with a new outlook, learning, sharing, and rejoicing in my new-found libido, in all its permutations. It was time to flush the Viagra down the toilet!

Male Penis Enlargement versus Penile Enhancement
Thanks to male penis enlargement and enhancement exercises, I was able to throw away the Viagra!

Male Penis Enlargement Resulted in Penis Enhancement with the Help of Meditation

My larger penis and more vigorous sexual appetite, a direct result of my male penis enlargement and enhancement routine, have come to symbolize for me a whole gamut of self-improvement activities. I refer to these pursuits as spiritual, mental or psychological, and, of course, physical.

Deep relaxation and a steady focus on my warm-up and jelqing portion of my male penis enlargement workout has delivered to me enormous pleasure, which can best be described as sublime. I achieve this through three primary components:

  • The repetition (much like a mantra),
  • The lack of any interruption from outside stimuli (such as pornography), and
  • My total focus on my entire body all help create this state of mind.

Time stands still. I do not count my reps, nor do I worry about the length of each session. There is no set goal. I know this is contrary to many male penis enlargement or enhancement routines. However, this feeling of well-being, which I experience on a daily basis as I exercise my penis, ever so slowly and methodically leads to longer and longer jelqing sessions, and an increasingly higher erection angle, duration of my “woodies” and quicker recovery after ejaculation — true male penis enhancement.

Sprint Sessions & Male Penis Enlargement to Achieve Penis Enhancement Too

This experience reminds me of my frame of mind and body as I practice lap swimming. As with swimming, I eventually extend my male penis enlargement workouts, including some “sprint” sessions, during which I increase my grip and the intensity of each jelq stroke. I have used this approach when practicing penile stretching as well. However, this sprint technique has always been prompted by a surge of energy during the middle to end of my male penis enlargement sessions. I have never forced myself to engage in these more intense “runs,” but have simply listened to my body (and penis), which have dictated the length and the intensity of my workouts.

I have come away from my penile enhancement exercises more relaxed, invigorated and eager to engage in other creative activities. This is of paramount importance in regard to my sexual relationship with my significant other.

Male Penis Enlargement Routines Led to Many Benefits Beyond Enlargement

Male Penis Enlargement versus Penile Enhancement
Male penis enlargement routines have led to me becoming a multi-orgasmic male.

It has been during these years of male penis enlargement practice that I have become a multi-orgasmic male. This was just one more “perk” of PE.

My creative benefits of male penis enlargement must also include my contribution to my PE forum and to my brother PE-ers. However, my connection with my fellows goes far beyond PEGym to include my family, my friends, my colleagues, and my students. For me, male penis enlargement and enhancement is a creative force of the highest order. I am treating my penis, and by extension, my body, mind and spirit to a joyous celebration — a celebration of male sexuality and vitality.

Of course, male penis enlargement and enhancement routines are not a cure-all. If I find myself over-anxious, worried or if I have overindulged in some physical or mental way, thus leading to fatigue and malaise, I rarely turn to penis enhancement to rectify this condition. Instead, I practice some other form of meditation. If all else fails, sleep is my final refuge. I am thus in tune with my body, my spirit, their connection, and my place in this awesome universe.

Not Forcing Male Penis Enlargement or Penis Enhancement Workouts

An example, in concrete penile terms, is what I refer to as my “flushed flaccid.” If my penis is turtling, a common complaint of many PE-ers, I may take a Cialis to counteract this effect. More commonly, I simply postpone my male penis enlargement session to another time when “Woodrow” is more eager to participate.

This may happen within a few hours or a few days — never longer. My inclination to follow the natural rhythms of my body and my surroundings do not stop with the scheduling of my male penis enlargement sessions. As often as my daily schedule allows, I reserve time for other physical activities, such as: gardening, walking my dogs, and swimming.

Over the years, I have learned that to force an issue, or to force the start of any project for that matter, is counter-productive. Desire is not a bad emotion per se, but it requires its time and place. To wish for a certain result or goal with too much fervor usually turns out badly. Karma is definitely a factor is this subtle equation.

For this reason, I turn to my male penis enlargement routines of jelqing, edging or stretching when the moment is right — usually in the early morning or late evening. That’s when Junior is most cooperative. My sessions can last a minimum of fifteen minutes. Many last a half hour, and it is not unusual for me to extend my workout to an hour or more. This is especially true for my edging sessions, which have always resulted in my hardest, highest erection angles and my best bone pressed erect lengths and girths.

I urge all those of like mind to join me in my commitment to a life-long penile enhancement regimen, not simply look for male penis enlargement. Let us grow together as men and as sexual beings.

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  3. Fantastic article. As of today I will no longer use porn to guide and direct my erections, thoughts , insecurities etc.
    I will focus on MY enhancement as a being, a sexual being.
    I now truly believe that in order for men to break the vicious cycle of distorted penile view point at the hands of pornography..then we must enhance without it…..then maybe when ours is the only penis we see in the mirror then we will just be as impressed. We will have fun in the bedroom and not bring with us the images of porn………pure fun. Thank you for writing this article….it has helped me break these chains.

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