Man With 2 Penises… Now I’ve Seen Everything

shocked-woman-man-with-2-penisesOver the years working at, I’ve seen a lot of penises. Some were not so pleasant (check out the Scariest Penis STDs section in this article –; some were pretty impressive!

However, this is something I’ve never seen before…

A man with two FUNCTIONING penises.

The man who calls himself “DoubleDickDude” on Reddit, was born with diphallia, a rare (there are only approximately 100 cases reported) congenital condition that causes him to have two penises. We’re not talking about just some extra mass of tissue but 2 fully-working, normal-looking penises.

I know you’re curious to see what this looks like, so click the link below.  However,  remember, this is a full-frontal nude photo. Make sure the kids, your boss, your grandmother, etc. aren’t in the room before clicking the link.

DoubleDickDude Uncensored Photo

Both of DoubleDickDude’s penises are approximately 6 inches when flaccid. One gets up to 7 inches when erect, as you can see in this second photo he provided (again, note: this is full-frontal nudity):

DoubleDickDude Uncensored Erect Photo

In his FAQs he posted to Reddit, he noted he’s bisexual and in a relationship with both a man and woman. Apparently, this couple were in a relationship together prior to becoming involved with DoubleDickDude. The woman is heterosexual and the man is bisexual, when they learned about DoubleDickDude’s unusual anatomy, it seemed like a perfect fit!

Other than a minor surgery to widen the Y of the urethra, to relieve pressure, he’s had no medical issues with his extra penis. The seam between the penises can get sore, because the skin there is extra sensitive. He noted when he goes commando (which he does typically, other than in the winter), each penis takes a side.

To urinate, he usually avoids urinals, as he has to take both penises out. One muscle controls urination, so unless he pinches off one of the penises, he urinates through both. DoubleDickDude noted that when this happens, it doesn’t feel good.

He also has to ejaculate often. His prostate gets stimulation from both penises, so he produces a large amount of seminal fluid. If he doesn’t ejaculate enough, it becomes bloated and painful.

The worst thing though about having two penises, according to DoubleDickDude, is — he has a hard time finding underwear that fits. His waist size is a 28-30″, but these underwear are too small to contain both of his penises. If the underwear are large enough to accommodate his extra manhood, they’re too big in the waist.

When asked by the UK’s Mirror whether or not he’d ever do porn, I really liked his response.

Yes I did, a few years ago. But decided against it. (It’s) one thing to be unique;
(it’s) another thing to be a novelty.

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