Man Pulls Gun on Clerk Due to Faulty Penis Pump

viva video mn penis pistolSometimes you just have to wonder about people. I mean, I’ve been frustrated with the lack of customer service at a business in the past. Let’s face it, gone are the days when “the customer was always right.” However, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this guy needs some anger management classes.

A Viva Video clerk, Tam Vo, in St. Paul, Minnesota, was going about his normal shift at the adult bookstore, when a man entered his store. The unidentified male tried to return a supposedly defective “sexual device” (now identified as a penis pump). Vo refused to refund the man his money, because the pump had been used.

The suspect pulled a black handgun out and threatened Vo. Luckily for Vo, the suspect then fled without further incident.

This pistol-brandishing pumper is still at large. No identification of what the suspect looks like was available in the police report, other than he’s male.

Clearly, the unhappy customer went about this the wrong way. Violence (or threatened violence) is never a good solution. Plus, he simply should’ve purchased his pump from! They have a great guarantee and warranty – no physical violence needed!


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