There Once Was a Man… Who Had to Have Rings Cut Off His Penis

cock ringIn a great example for what NOT to do — a Lithuanian man had to have four steel cock rings cut off his penis, by local firefighters.

Yes, you read that correctly.  FOUR!

Why a guy would need FOUR cock rings, I have no idea, but… I digress…

The unnamed, 36-year old man arrived at the Emergency section of the Denia Hospital in Costa Blanca. Apparently, a sex game had gone terribly wrong and he got four steel cock rings stuck on his penis.

Now, normally, doctors are pretty adept at helping men out of tricky situations like this. However, the cock rings this man used were so thick, they had to call in the local fire department.

Using an electric circular saw, and cooling fluid, so as not to burn the poor guy’s penis, The rings were so thick, two cuts had to be made in each ring, so they could be pried apart.

“It’s not the first time that the hospital has called us to cut off rings, but usually they are from the finger,” said station chief Javier Fayos. “And the rings aren’t usually made of steel – which meant we had to make two cuts on each of the four rings, one above and one below.”

It took the fearless firefighters nearly an hour to free the man’s penis.

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