Is Manscaping More Important to Women than Penis Size?


manscapingNot so long ago, pubic grooming was typically pretty minimal, even for women. For some, this is still true. For men, manscaping is an even more recent social development. However, how important is this grooming of the nether region to women? Could it be more important than penis size?

A new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine seeks to find out!

Ruppen-Greeff and her Swiss colleagures who conducted the study sought to “investigate how relevant women consider single aspects of penile appearance to be,” and to see if the study participants would see surgically repaired penises with hypospadia (a misplacement of the urinary opening on the head of the penis) as “normal-looking.”

105 women were surveyed and asked to rank the importance of eight different penile traits, on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being very unimportant and 5 being very important, both before and after viewing a set of 20 photos of male genitalia.  These traits included: penis length, girth, position and shape of urinary meatus (the urinary opening), shape of glans, appearance of the scrotum, the penile skin, appearance of pubic hair, and the general cosmetic appearance.

Before reviewing the photos, women rated these aspects in the following order:

1st (most important) – General cosmetic appearance
2nd –  Appearance of pubic hair
3rd & 4th (TIE) – Penile skin tied with Penile girth
5th – Shape of glans
6th – Penile length
7th – Appearance of scrotum
8th (least important) – Position and shape of urinary meatus

Interestingly, after looking at the photos, the order changed slightly to:

1st (most important) – General cosmetic appearance
2nd – Penis skin
3rd – Shape of glans
4th – Appearance of scrotum
5th – Appearance of pubic hair
6th – Penile length
7th – Penile girth
8th – Position and shape of urinary meatus

So, what can we glean from these survey results?

Guys, take some pride in your personal grooming. I’m not saying you have to go all Bare Naked Manbits (although that’s an option), looking like you’re sporting a crotch-sized Cher wig really may not be the best look either. So, while you’re improving other areas of your sexual health, think about doing a little manscaping down yonder too, to give you the best-looking penis possible.

 Study Results

Table 1. Rating of eight aspects of penile appearance by women
Importance of eight penile aspectsRating before evaluation of photosets (n = 55)Rating after evaluation of photosets (n = 50)
OrderMeanSDOrderMeanSDPCohen’s d
  1. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01.

  2. U-tests according to Mann–Whitney.

  3. Bold indicates significant results.

  4. 1 = very unimportant; 2 = unimportant; 3 = neither important nor unimportant; 4 = important; 5 = very important.

  5. Effect sizes according to Cohen: 0.20 small effect size; 0.50 medium effect size; > 0.80 large effect size.

  6. SD = standard deviation.

Importance of penile length63.190.7563.540.870.02*−0.43
Importance of penile girth33.410.7473.460.820.74−0.06
Importance of position and shape of meatus82.370.8882.631.120.29−0.26
Importance of shape of glans53.280.9033.710.900.005**−0.48
Importance of appearance of scrotum73.021.0043.690.850.001**−0.72
Importance of penile skin33.411.0023.890.890.02*−0.51
Importance of appearance of pubic hair23.431.1653.601.200.38−0.14
Importance of general cosmetic appearance13.850.7414.060.730.11−0.29



What is a Good Looking Penis? How Women Rate the Penile Appearance of Men with Surgically Corrected Hypospadias 

Norma Katharina Ruppen-Greeff MSc, Daniel M. Weber MD, Rita Gobet MD and Markus A. Landolt PhD

Journal of Sexual Medicine; Article first published online: 20 JUL 2015 DOI: 10.1111/jsm.12942

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