Mechanism for Ejaculation & Exercise Fatigue: Ask the Experts


ejaculateBig Al, of, answers questions about the mechanism for ejaculation and signs of exercise fatigue, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q.  Hi Big Al!  I am much better control on my ejaculation than the past, but far from absolute control…

… Yes, I want to continue improving in that area.. 😉  Can you describe the entire mechanism of ejaculation?  From your previous explanation I couldn’t understand how breathing and
thinking mixed in this mechanism.

Big Al: You can learn more about exactly how the mechanics of ejaculation work in these two articles:

Ejaculation: What Is It? How Do You Control It?

Need a Premature Ejaculation Cure? Never Suffer from PE Again – Pt 2

What should be noted is anxiety can play a part in inducing premature ejaculation as well.  There’s a spectrum of sorts with anxiety- a very slight amount (like the type one might experience in a COMFORTABLE first sexual encounter with a new partner) can actually add excitement to the event.  Add a bit more anxiety and it can trigger premature ejaculation. Add more, and one would start losing their erections.  In a full blown panic, one likely wouldn’t even become erect.

Q. I just started the training!  How should one feel after a good work out are there signs that the amount of fatigue is correct?…

…Just curious. Though I do suspect my workouts are going rather well already.

Big Al: Early in the cycle you don’t want exhaustion. but your penis should feel “worked” and it should feel expanded after the session.  Right now you should be erring on the side of caution to allow you to continue increasing reps and intensity in the coming weeks.  You should start turning the corner on intensity about midway through the cycle, and your last week in the cycle should have you close to plateaued state.  This will no only justify the week’s layoff after the cycle’s completed, but you should also realize some “rebound” gains after the break’s over.

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