Medical Study: Effect of Penile‐Extender Device in Increasing Penile Size in Men with Shortened Penis

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However, one of the things we also know is male enhancement is an industry where a lot of promises are made – some from some less than scrupulous companies. So, I like to share actual medical studies (ones performed by real researchers and published in scholarly journals, not “studies” performed by companies just looking to promote their product) from time to time.

The following study was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Understanding that few studies existed on the effectiveness of penis extenders on increasing penis size, this study was conducted by Doctors: Mohammadreza Nikoobakht MD, Alireza Shahnazari MD, Maedeh Rezaeidanesh MD, Abdolrasoul Mehrsai MD, and Gholamreza Pourmand MD.

Penis Extender Effectiveness Study Method

This prospective study was performed on subjects complaining about “short penis” who were presented to the authoring doctors’ clinic. After measuring the penile length in flaccid and stretched forms and penile circumference, patients were instructed to wear the penis extender for 4–6 hours per day during the first 2 weeks and then 9 hours per day until the end of the third month.

The subjects were also trained how to increase the force of the device during determined intervals. The patients were visited at the end of the first and third months, and penile length and circumference were measured and compared with the baseline measurements.

The primary end point of the study was changes in flaccid and stretched penis lengths compared with the baseline size during the 3 months follow‐up.

Penis Extender Effectiveness Study Results

Twenty-three men, with a mean age of 26.5 years old participated in the study. Here were the results:

  • First month follow-up
    • Average flaccid penis length increased from 8.8 cm to 10.1 cm
    •  Average stretched penis length increased from 11.5 cm to 12.4 cm
  • Third month follow-up
    • Average flaccid penis length increased to 10.5 cm
    • Average stretched penis length increased to 13.2 cm
  • The circumference of the penis glans increased, on average 1.5 cm at month three.


Penis Extender Effectiveness Study Conclusion

Given the small sample size, the researchers suggest further research. However, initial findings supported the efficacy of penis extenders in increasing penis length. Their results also suggested the possibility of glans girth enhancement using a penile extender.

Penis Extender Effectiveness Study Discussion

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Nikoobakht, M., Shahnazari, A., Rezaeidanesh, M., Mehrsai, A., & Pourmand, G. (2011). Effect of Penile‐Extender Device in Increasing Penile Size in Men with Shortened Penis: Preliminary Results. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 8(11), 3188-3192. doi:10.1111/j.1743-6109.2009.01662.x

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