Meet Our Mods & Admins – Cavalier

cavalier penis enlargement

cavalier penis enlargementWe have lots of amazing members that work hard, behind the scenes, to help make PEGym’s forums safe and fun! These Moderators and Admins are the lifeblood of PEGym. We thought it would be nice, if we had a “getting to know you” type series with each of them, so all of our members can meet our mods and admins.

Our fifth interview in this series is with — Cavalier!  Cavalier is one of our phenomenal moderators! He’s been a member 2 and a half years and is always around to help out members – new and old.

Meet more of our mods and admins! – Interview with Mods & Admins

Q. What goals initially led you to

Cavalier:  I was searching on the internet for information to help with my ED problems and stumbled across this site. I was skeptical at first about it helping with EQ and especially the idea of gaining size. I was curious to see if it might possibly help improve my EQ and thought it might be worth a try. I was pleasantly surprised that my EQ improved and even more surprised that I was seeing gains. That was almost three years ago.

Q. What positive effects of PE have you seen, in your life, over the years?

Cavalier: The biggest thing for me was the improvement in my EQ. My wife and I have always had great sex but she tells me that she can see an improvement in my confidence in bed.

Q. What manual male enhancement exercises have you done? Which are your favorite and why?

Cavalier: I started off with the JP90 and later moved on to bundled stretches to break a plateau. The bundled stretches were my favorite. They gave me some of the best gains I made.

Q. Have you used any PE devices? If so, which ones have you used, and which are your favorites and why?

Cavalier: I have tried an extender, pumping and hanging. Hanging is my favorite, it also gave me great gains.

Q. Do you do any non-PE exercise? If so, what?

Cavalier: About all I have done over the past few years was some physical therapy exercises after my back surgeries. I still have back problems so many other exercises are a little difficult for me now.

Q. What advice would you give to guys new to PE?

Cavalier: Patience, PE takes time and can’t be rushed. The other important thing is knowledge. Don’t go into this blindly, know what you are doing first. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Q. Give us one fun fact members don’t likely know about you. :-)

Cavalier: My wife and I started dating when I was 16 and she was 15. Many guys can go a lifetime and never find their perfect match. We were both lucky and found it at a very young age. We are just as crazy about each other now as we were back then. That was 38 years ago.

Q. Any other comments for our members?

Cavalier: Too many guys are hung up on size issues. To totally satisfy a woman sexually is not about having a large penis, it’s about being a good lover.

Thank you, Cavalier!! Such useful info in here, but that last bit is SO TRUE!!! Thank you, again!!

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