Meet Our Mods & Admins – TheZZMan

Meet Our Mods & Admins - TheZZMan

zzman_penis_enlargementWe have lots of amazing members that work hard, behind the scenes, to help make PEGym’s forums safe and fun! These Moderators and Admins are the lifeblood of PEGym. We thought it would be nice, if we had a “getting to know you” type series with each of them, so all of our members can meet our mods and admins.

Our seventh interview in this series is with — TheZZMan! TheZZMan is a relatively new addition to our Moderator team, joining PEGym last Fall. But, he’s quickly made his mark here in the community as someone who is always willing to help out!

What goals initially led you to

TheZZMan: As with many, insecurities about size and wanting better performance was the main reason for seeking out direction. Was also experiencing some ED that was frustrating to me. Google was my friend, and brought me to this site. The frank open talk about subjects usually not discussed really intrigued me. Once I began to participate, I was hooked. I felt good being able to give back some my life experiences to others in an open discussion.

What positive effects of PE have you seen, in your life, over the years?

TheZZMan: I’ve come to realize that my whole life I had been missing out on some of the best sexual response I’ve ever had. This last year has been a life altering exercise. I never knew I could achieve EQ as strong as I have and I only wish I had discovered PE decades ago in my youth.

What manual male enhancement exercises have you done? Which are your favorite and why?

TheZZMan: I’m here mainly for the betterment of my erection quality. This forum has erased any insecurities I had about size so my goal is not necessarily length or girth but overall performance and strength. So my routine is simply some light jelqing, some light stretching, some helicopter twirls with a light warm up and warm down. I seriously can’t say that I spend all that much time on it, yet still have grown ½” in length and ¼” in girth. Stamina is achieved through regular Edging.

Have you used any PE devices? If so, which ones have you used, and which are your favorites and why?

TheZZMan: I have not used any devices as I am happy with all my personal indicators and measurements.

Do you do any non-PE exercise? If so, what?

TheZZMan: My job is fairly physical, so I get a workout just getting up in the morning. Some days are more strenuous than others, but I certainly don’t need to join a gym. I’ve also said that if I never drank another beer, I would be a buff individual. I’m a strong guy with athletic build. Ideal weight would probably be 15 pounds less.

What advice would you give to guys new to PE?

TheZZMan: Stick to it, don’t get frustrated, it takes time to show gains. Be dedicated to your routine and follow what others have already proven to work. Don’t push yourself too hard, pay attention to all the signs that you are over working yourself. And keep a positive attitude. You have your whole life ahead of you, the time invested now will reap rewards for years to come down the road. Lastly, believe in yourself, don’t compare yourself to others in terms of size or sexual activity. Your progress should be yours and you should compare to your starting measurements. There will always be somebody bigger or larger – it is not worth comparing to others. Be the best you that you can be.

Give us one fun fact members don’t likely know about you. 🙂

TheZZMan: I am a 54 year old self-employed Business Owner.

Thanks, ZZ, for the great advice!  Attitude is definitely half the battle in succeeding at any goal!  Also, readers, please note: TheZZMan is also an excellent chef! So, perhaps next time he’ll share a favorite recipe with us. 😀


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