Who says penis enlargement isn’t possible? Over the years, there have been several reports of megalophallus–a rare penis enlargement disorder.

hand holding crotch - Megalophallus

Megalophallus: A Mega Enlarged Penis

The word megalophallus derives from mega meaning huge, and phallus meaning penis. The disorder is caused by a priapism, which is a prolonged and uncontrollable erection that can last several hours to days.

Remarkably, several men who experience these long-lasting erections later experience an enlargement of the penis. In one case, a man who had several priapisms during his adolescent years reached a penile circumference of nearly eight inches! (That’s roughly the girth of a coke can.)

The Cause of Megalophallus

The exact cause of megalophallus is unknown, but it is most common in men with sickle cell disease. There have been several theories regarding the disorder. A popular idea is that the prolonged entrapment of blood blocks new oxygen from entering the penis, which effectively causes hypertrophy (growth).

Another idea suggests that the prolonged erection stretches some of the tissues within the penis, along with exercising the penile smooth muscle. Nevertheless, before you consider a way of giving yourself a priapism, know that a large percentage of the men who experience them become impotent.


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