Men’s Health Magazine speaks on "Male Enhancement"

Men’s Health Magazine speaks on Male Enhancement

Men’s Health magazine did a feature on some of the common male enhancement products found on the market.

Men’s Health Magazine Speaks on Male Enhancement“Investigating the spammers’ big promises, we discovered something truly shocking: Some of this stuff actually works,” said Men’s Health Magazine, talking about male enhancement.

The Products in Question

Men’s Health asked Jon Pryor, M.D., chair of the department of urological surgery at the University of Minnesota medical school, for his opinion on six penis enlargement products.

Not surprisingly, Dr. Pryor reported that pills, patches, creams, and gels do not work.

What did comes as a surprise was Dr. Pyror’s take on penis enlargement extenders. “I’ll bet the penis does get longer,” said Dr. Pryor of the FastSIZE extender. When speaking of pumps, he also said, “It can increase penis size if used a lot.”

Our take: It’s good to see that some doctors aren’t afraid to apply logic and actually think when they’re questioned about penis enlargement! Kudos for Dr. Pryor.

You can see the online version Men’s Health Web site

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