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micropenis motion of ocean

micropenis motion of oceanThe old saying — It’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean that matters — has some truth to it. As a woman, I can tell you that motion of the ocean is very important. However, what if your “boat” isn’t really a boat at all… it’s more of a dinghy? Well, NY Magazine recently interviewed a gentleman from the UK, with a micropenis, to find out what it’s really like to live with the condition of having a very, very small penis.

Childhood with a Micropenis

At just 2 inches flaccid, 3 inches erect, and a maximum girth of 4 inches when hard, this gentleman definitely fits the “micropenis” category – typically defined as any penis that is 3 inches or less when erect. He first started to realize he was smaller than normal, when he was 9 years old. After staying with family friends, and repeatedly wetting the bed at night, the angry and frustrated mother made him take off his wet pajamas, in the kitchen, in front of everyone. (Note: How anyone would think further humiliating a child is a  good solution is BEYOND me!) At age 12, he was still wetting the bed and was incredibly overweight.

Puberty with a Micropenis

By secondary school, he began to change in the locker room, with other boys, for gym, and really started to notice the significance between his penis size and the other boys. Children often being the cruelest members of society, teased and bullied him, specifically about his small penis. As other boys developed, he did not. At age 14, he was still an overweight boy with a very small penis.

As a response to the teasing he received, he became anorexic. During puberty, he grew very tall and although the weight loss helped a little with his penis size, he still had a micropenis. While other friends had girlfriends during his teen years, and although he had lots of friends that were girls, he remained a virgin until he was 23, due to his insecurity about his penis size.

First Sexual Encounter with a Micropenis

His first sexual encounter was another traumatic. A party and a eager girl that had taken a liking to him made him think, “Why not?”  Inexperienced and sexually uneducated, his partner couldn’t hide the disappointment with their tryst when he was unable to get completely erect and penetrate her.

Daily Life with a Micropenis

Now, at 51 years old, his micropenis still affects his daily life. Simple activities like going to the bathroom at a public urinal is challenging, because his penis is so small taking it out through clothing is difficult. Then there’s the added mental anguish that comes with standing next to guys with normal penis sizes and hoping they don’t notice his little gherkin of a penis.

Although he’s had relationships, none of them have been very good — especially from his partner’s point of view. Although other sexual activities – oral, manual, etc. – are all fine, because of his small penis size, he really has a difficult time having penetrative sex. Coupled with the mental trauma he’s endured throughout his life due to his penis size, it’s really not surprising that his relationships have had both physical and psychological challenges that have been hard to overcome.




Kimberly Wylie

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