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HGH penis size

HGH penis sizeBig Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about HGH and penis enlargement, the importance of mental training, beginning penis size affecting potential penis gains, and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I have a few buddies who are national level bodybuilders who use HGH…

… They claim that HGH made their members noticeably thicker. Is there truth to this?

Big Al: The misconception is that steroids, like HGH in and of themselves make your penis larger (at least in adult men).  What often occurs is your libido is raised and erections are more frequent. This is likely what caused the enlargement.This effect can be duplicated without drugs (and without the harmful steroid side effects) by either increasing sexual activity and/or focusing on EQ improvement.  That’s also why it’s vital to use stamina work in conjunction with enlargement-specific exercises.

Q. What do you mean with the “mental portion” of the training?…

…Do you mean the psychological effects, like the way of thinking can enhance the training? Or do you mean that a general good attitude towards PE is necessary to get good gains?

Big Al: Both are vital.  EVERY time you train, you are conditioning yourself psychologically.  If you approach your training with a sense of drudgery or because you feel forced to do it, your results will suffer. Approach your training with the attitude each and every workout will bring you closer to your goals and your efforts will tend to be much more successful.

Q. Is it better to reach a time goal with less stimulation (backing off to get more time),…

… continual stimulation of different kinds without backing off to make a time goal (going for maximum physical tolerance), or I was thinking trying to have a steady rhythm throughout? Perhaps this was an odd question, but I feel like practice becomes permanent. If I reach 20 minutes with light stimulation, I think I’ll be disappointed with real sex.

Big Al: Initially, that would normally be how you’d extend the time- either by less stimulation overall or by pausing the stimulation for short periods intermittently.  Over time, this allows you to extend the time it takes for you to reach orgasm, and it also allows you to remain erect longer.  The goal is for you do develop enough stamina to handle more stimulation over time.  That’s why there’s a huge difference in merely being able to handle 20 minutes of the Stop and Start, and “mastering” the exercise.  Once you hit 20+ minutes, you can then focus on refinement- increasing your tolerance and control.

Q. Is beginning size is completely irrelevant…

… compared to the potential one can grow?

Big Al: I wouldn’t say beginning size is completely irrelevant- a man starting at 9 inches in length will, all other things being equal, not have nearly as hard a time getting to 10 inches as a man starting at 5 inches in length.  That being said, the largest overall gains are usually made by trainees at the lower end of the spectrum.  Whether this is due to actual growth or a mere restoration of fitness is the question.  It’s likely a combination of both things.

Q. Today, I tried towel raises instead of erect Kegels at the end of my routine…

...It went good (I could do some), but my erection faded away so quickly after a few repetitions. What happened?

Big Al: The Towel Raise is essentially like a weighted Kegel, so they’re going to be tougher to perform. Be patient and continue to (slowly) push the envelope on your reps and the resistance used.  You’ll eventually see improvement over the next few weeks.

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