More “How Long Did it Take You to Gain Your First 1/2-Inch?”

Jelqing results are permanent

Jelqing results are permanentLike exercise for weight loss or muscle building, anyone who guarantees you a specific time frame to hit your goal doesn’t understand that the human body isn’t that simple. There’s so many factors that each person’s journey is different. However, hearing from a variety of men can help you estimate what you might expect in your goal to penis enlargement.

Let’s take a look at some more of our responses from this thread – How long did it take you to gain your first 1/2-inch in length?

“JP90 took me from 6.5 to 7 inche. So 3 months. ”

“With a 4 day a week routine of air pumping and jelqing it took three years to retain one half inch of length. After 3 months of additional 20 minute daily pulse pumping with BathMate, I gained another half inch. Looking for more”


“It took me 66 days to gain my first half inch in length. JP90 for the first month, then hanging and jelqing for my second month.”
 ~Tom Hangs


“About 2.5 months on Phallosan 2-3 hours pr day, aided with some pumping and manual stretches. And not counting the about 2 years of sporadic pumping before this.”



“I gain 1cm(.4″) in my first 26 days.”



“I gained 1.3cm (0.5 “) in a month and 0.9cm (0.35″) EG, routine p90”



“2 ish months for half an inch. Just over 4 months for over an inch.”


So, how long did it take you to gain your first half-inch? What exercises and/or devices did you use? Tell us in the comments below or on the forum thread here.



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