Morning Wood vs Morning Urination: An Age-Old Battle of Biology

urinating with an erectionYou wake up in the morning, after a long night’s sleep, and you need to pee! But, that morning erection has other ideas! What’s a guy supposed to do?

If you’ve ever “forced” the issue, you know that it’s a pretty dangerous (or at least often messy!) game. So, is there a way to win this age-old battle of biology?


Why Can’t You Urinate with an Erection?

Biology seems to be playing a little prank on men in the morning. Morning wood is more common than the common cold, and so is the need to pee when you first wake up. However, it seems like the two are mutually exclusive. Why can’t you urinate with an erection?

To get an erection, the corpora cavernosa and the corpora spongiosum fill with blood. The more blood engorging your penis, the harder your erection, which is normally a very good thing! However, the urethra, where urine is expelled through, is compressed from this penile swelling.

Think of a garden hose that someone is stepping on… that’s your erection, squeezing off the flow that can come through that urethra.

Is it Possible to Pee with a Hard On?

urinating with an erectionIt is possible to urinate with an erection. Just like that garden hose being stepped on, if you turn up enough pressure – the flow is going to make it past the compression.

So, how do you get past this compression, without all that pressure making you pee out of control, all over the bathroom?

Here are some suggestions to get enough pressure to pee, without spraying all over the place like a wacky arm inflatable tube man that’s sprung a leak:

  1. Gently massage your bladder – Use the heel of your hand to gently (VERY gently) massage your bladder. If you’re not sure where your bladder is, it’s between your pubic bone and belly button.
  2. Try sitting – This can give you the small amount of bladder pressure you need. Of course, make sure you can aim into the toilet. Try sitting farther back on the toilet seat, to better position your morning friend.
  3. Try bending – Same as sitting, it can give you the pressure needed, without too much. Again, watch your aim.
  4.  Heat – A hot water bottle or your rice sock warmed up and applied to your bladder area can help relax the muscles in the area, and this will allow you to pee.

Although this video is a comedic skit, it actually has a good position for guys trying to pee with a boner.

And, remember, if things get a little… out of hand…

urinating with an erection

… and the floor, the counter, etc.



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