Move Over FitBit, Make Way for the SexFit!

SexFitWearable fitness technology is the latest rage. The FitBit, and similar devices can track your exercise, sleep patterns and more. Coming soon to the market is… the SexFit.

You read that right — SexFit. And, it looks like it might be one of the funnest wearable fitness devices coming to the market yet. UK adult-retailer, Bondara, has moved the fitness tracker from the wrist to the penis, with their newest prototype. 

What is the SexFit?

The SexFit takes a vibrating cock ring and combines it with both an accelerometer and a Blutetooth module. Yes, even your penis can be “connected” now!  And here are the details:

  • SexFitThe SexFit’s cock ring offers all of the hardness- and stamina-enhancing benefits of a cock ring.
  • It has the added pleasure (for both partners) thanks to the built-in vibrator, which can be adjusted for your pleasure.
  • The accelerometer works like an accelerometer in a pedometer – and measures motion. However, this one measures your number of thrusts!
  • There are even five LEDs on top of the device that’ll light up when you hit a steady rhythm. 
  • The Bluetooth module uploads your stats to a free smartphone app, which will not only tell you the total number of thrusts, but your thrust per minute rate, and even the number of calories you’ve burned.
  • You can even share your stats with friends (and family – OK, who would really would want their mom reading their latest sex stats?) via social media – like Facebook and Twitter updates.

Louise Bagley Sex Toys Buyer for Bondara commented on their website:

“Historically, sex toys have always evolved with technology. Our device is a natural next step alongside the influx of personal health trackers and with the added benefit of improving an individual’s sex life, we expect it to be a huge hit when it becomes available.”



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