My Penis Size Tripled With Just Jelqs And Stretches!

My Penis Size Tripled With Just Jelqs And Stretches

Gary, a teacher in Western Pennsylvania, started penile exercising because he wasn’t satisfied with his size. With his dedication and focus, that all changed within a matter of months.

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How Gary Tripled His Size

“I went to an all boys high school and we had to shower for gym.  It was pretty obvious I wasn’t packing.  Porn didn’t help either.  It was an eye-opener seeing guys with big dicks and my dick being small.”

So Gary did what many other men do when they feel small and inadequate: he avoided sex.

After an online buddy introduced him to penile exercising, Gary was optimistic.  “At the time, I didn’t believe it worked as much as I hoped it worked.  I would have done anything to get a bigger dick at that point,” Gary says. Luckily, “I ended up gaining a quarter inch pretty fast. . . you would have thought I won the lottery!” (Yet he decided not to call his family and friends to tell them the news).

Overtime, Gary increased the intensity by adding time to his workouts.  He stopped adding time to his routine after his workouts reached an hour, but he continued to increase the intensity of his jelqs and stretches.  “I gradually used more force and pulled harder,” he reports. In roughly a year he gained 1.5 inches in length and nearly an inch in girth—putting him right at the statistical average.  Over the next two years, he continued to penile exercise on and off and gained enough to put him well above average.

Penis Exercising Interrupted

At one point, Gary’s brother walked in on him penile exercising.  Gary had no choice but to spill the beans to both his brother and his father—“and it just happened that there was an article on jelqing in Musclemag magazine that month.”  So they both jumped on the penile exercising bandwagon.  His father started because he married a woman 10 years younger than him, and cheerfully reports that his erections are “harder and stronger than ever.”

The best part, Gary says, “I am not ashamed of my penis anymore.  To me, penile exercising is like working out for your body, only for your dick.  I feel good when I lift weights and run, and I feel good when I penile exercise.  It’s not so much about getting bigger anymore for me.  I feel like I’m big now.  It’s about improving myself in every way that I can—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Penile exercising is just one little facet on the road of self improvement for me.”

Interviewee Stats

Name: Gary
Online Alias: Higherone
Age: 32
Starting Size: Length 4.5”, Girth 4”
Current Size: Length 7.25”, Girth 5.25”

*This success story was taken from the penis enlargement book Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health.


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