My Penis Enlargement Story – From Hope to Conviction


I had the largest grin on my face. I put down the ruler and marked down 4/10 of an inch next to the “length added” column and 1/10 next to “girth added” bringing the total gain to two inches in length and one inch in girth. I felt like a new man. Hell, I had become a new man. It was at that point that I knew the book, which would eventually become Penis Exercises, needed to be written.

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The increase of my penis size was only half of it. The other half came in the form of consistent rock-hard erections, a boost in confidence, an increase in self-awareness, and  most importantly  an acceptance of who I am. All of this was possible with a form of exercising that many experts would say is self-delusional. Or just down right crazy. On more than one occasion, I secretly wondered if they were right. Most of the time now, however, I wonder why the hell doesn’t the world know about this?

Why Do We Care?

Why is it that we men put such an emphasis on our most prized organ? Ive contemplated this question for many years, and Im still not so sure. Perhaps its because sex, despite our social inhibitions to talk about the topic, is important in todays society. Perhaps its because, as Dr. Lamm says, the penis is mans gateway to virility, to procreating and to pleasure. Or maybe its much simpler. Perhaps its as simple as we just want to be able to please our partners  and we want to please them well and often. I havent always been a pleaser, and for a while I wasnt even confident in the bedroom. In fact, the beginning of the journey that led to my book started with a question. I didnt ask it she did. Is it in? Up until that point, I thought the old idiom was never used outside the realm of Cosmo magazine, or as stand-up comedians joke. I would have thought she was joking my heart sunk on the hope that she was  if her facial expression didnt convey the harsh truth that she really didnt feel anything. On hindsight, it was my weak erections that led to the lack of friction. Either way, the damage had been done. She and I both blamed my less-than-average sized manhood, and this was the largest reason among many that caused me to eventually exercise my penis in an attempt to make it bigger.

From Hope to a Conviction

Through the pint-sized hope that I had in thinking I could change my penis, I searched for an answer. It came in the form of penile exercising, and my hope led to belief. After I gained an inch and dramatically improved my erection quality, belief led to certainty. Eventually, certainty led to wonder  a wonder of how so few men know about the benefits of using these exercises. Wonder led to a conviction to get it out in the open. A conviction that despite all the odds stacked me  my young age, my lack of medical degree, and no noteworthy connections seems more plausible with every step taken. A conviction that grows every time a man approaches me and tells me how penile exercising made a difference in his life. A conviction that is hard to forget when I remember a 2007 poll I did on penis forums, in which roughly 10 percent of the men said they had considered killing themselves with the sole reason being their penis size.

Men Care More than Women

The idea that a man would kill himself over his penis size is as ludicrous as it is unfortunate. But it is just one example of how much emphasis our society, especially our fellow men, place on the penis. The fact is, penis size matters to men more than it does to women. Based on my countless discussions with men and women on the topic, I would estimate only 1 out of every 5 women care about penis size as much as we men do. Its hard for a man to not to think about his size when he hears negatives comments like the ones Ive received; when he sees unrealistic proportions of what is average in pornography; and when he notices the media continually blasting bigger is better in TV series like Sex and the City. The good news is that most men dont need a bigger penis. A large majority of men just need to know they have the ability to change their penis. They need to have control of the organ that is placed under the microscope each time they have sex. For many men, penile exercising gives them that control.

How is it Possible?

How does the penis grow bigger and harder? It’s really not hard to imagine when you know the facts. The truth, at least the truth in this article and in countless others, is that the penis is half smooth muscle. Just as exercising your biceps causes your arms to grow bigger and harder, exercising the smooth muscle in your penis causes it to grow bigger and harder. The process of penile exercising is very similar to exercising any other muscle (although I suggest avoid trying to curl any weight with little guy). It takes time, the right type of exercising, and a proper amount of rest to see results. Either way, you should ignore most of the spam email in your inbox that claims you can add “5 inches in 5 weeks.” That’s not going to happen. The best part of it all? You won’t need to gain that. Most men spend less than six months penile exercising, gain an inch or less, and walk away much happier and more confident than they were before. Not necessarily confident because they have a huge penis (most men who penile exercise don’t build mega cocks). Confident because they have that basic male need – a sense of control. I understand much of what I talk about on this blog and in my book may seem at odds with mainstream thinking. Like all new and controversial topics, that’s expected. But if you resolve to test the concepts and look at the facts, you’ll see how deep the rabbit hole goes – just like I did.


  1. to word up

    If you didn’t think bigger is better, than you most likely wouldn’t even be here. But of course there is such a thing as too big, but like many forum discussion have debated about.. size definitely matter, so that gay staff didn’t impose anything upon us. That’s just how things are.

  2. “….he notices the media continually blasting bigger is better in TV series likeSex and the City.”

    Just emphasizing this point, Sex and the City was created, produced, and written largely by a gay male staff who felt they had the ability and right to impose their views on sex in the minds of men and women alike.

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