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penis cross-section myofascial tissuesBig Al, of, answers questions about myofascial unlocking of the penis, reverse Kegels, loss of erection quality (EQ) when Kegeling, and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. Is there anything to myofascial unlocking of the penis?…

… If so, what are the techniques for making it happen? I’ve been searching the web for information on individual differences in ligament flexibility.  Because I’m have such minimal gains in length after two years, I’m beginning to conclude some guys have a genetic makeup that allows their ligaments to stretch more easily.  I haven’t found any articles to confirm this; do you know of any?  If not, what’s your take on my hypothesis?

Big Al: There has been some research done on fascial stretching, and it has possible applications for penis enlargement.  I’ll provide some links, but first- you might want to research “Davis’ Law”, and the concepts of mechanical and biological creep (if you haven’t already done so).

Here are some links that may interest you:

A study showed evidence that men have anywhere between 1 to 3 layers of penile tunica.  All other things being equal, this might also explain why some men seem to make faster gains than others.  See for more details.

Q. I have been practicing reverse kegels,…

… when I urinate and during stamina exercises. I try to make sure I am not accidentally tightening my PC muscles to start forming a better habit. Any advice?

Big Al: You’ll want to note this and consider it as part of your regimen. I would advise against doing reverse (or any other kegels) indiscriminately as:

  • There’s no tracking involved, and
  • To reduce the possibility of over-training.

Q. I was under the impression that you could do Kegels more frequently…

… without fatiguing the muscles, resulting in stronger erections with minimal training? I’m losing my erection a bit during squeeze/jelqs, so I add a few more Kegels to keep my EQ up during training, which in turn will lead to better results. Is this correct?

Big Al: That’s incorrect.  Kegels target the PC (Pubococcygeus) muscles, and these muscles can be overtained just like any other.  The results can be:

  • Extreme pain,
  • Spasming, and
  • Even problems with your erections.

You can visit forums like PEGym and read reports from men who have developed pelvic floor problems from abusing the Kegel.

Now, you CAN achieve the type of development that enables you to Kegel extremely frequently (just like one can train themselves to run marathons), but doing this takes time.  Also, there is a point of diminishing returns.

Q. My questions are about performance anxiety and premature ejaculation….

… I understand the Stop and Start is a crucial stamina routine that will help with premature ejaculation, but I am in the process of totally ridding myself of any pornography.  I do not have porn induced ED or anything like that, but I want to rid myself, so I do not ever get that ED as well as reduce any performance anxiety.  I used porn a little to help get a stronger EQ for stamina, but now I will cut it out, and I am afraid it will hurt my EQ big time. 

I want to continue to do a stamina routine, but I have been told to abstain from not only porn, but also edging, AKA Stop and Starts, even without porn, because it will reward my brain without sex.  What should I do?  I do not know what to do because I want to continue my routine with stamina involved, but think ridding myself for good of any porn, which is definitely good, will lower my EQ. Please help.

Big Al: Your decision to wean yourself off of porn is a good one.  The Stop and Start shouldn’t be placed in the same category as standard masturbation. To put things into comparison, the Stop and Start is a conditioning exercise where you practice visualizations to create positive associations (in addition the physical conditioning), so this would help to offset any lost EQ that would be had by abstaining.  That’s my opinion, but if you’re intent on following a specific course and they mentioned edging/Stop and Starts as something that you should avoid, then this should be considered.

Q. What are some of your methods…

… for getting a boner without porn?

Big Al: Weaning yourself off of porn may not be initially easy, but it’s something that you may have to do if you wish to optimize your penile functioning.

For now, when you approach a stamina session, do so without any specific expectations. This will reduce/eliminate the anxiety to perform. You’ll want to focus on mental images that are pleasing and nonthreatening for now. Closing your eyes and/or playing soft music in the background will help you to relax.  Use a warm, thick lube and “tease” yourself physically, as necessary, to stimulate and maintain your erection.

Try to make this [apart from sexual encounters] the only form of sexual activity that you give yourself, until you adapt to getting erect without porn.  If you follow the above instructions (especially the part about
reducing anxiety), then you should see improvement in just a few sessions.

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