Naturally Increasing Testosterone Production: The Blakoe Ring

Naturally Increasing Testosterone Production, Blakoe Ring

This article describes some basic sexual functions of testosterone in both men and women, and then covers a simple method for increasing testosterone in males by using a Blakoe Ring. The article also discusses the benefits of naturally increasing testosterone versus the dangers of long term testosterone supplementation.Naturally Increasing Testosterone Production, Blakoe Ring

Testosterone and a Theory

You might have read that an essential element to a man’s sex life is his testosterone level. And not just men! Although at a much lower level, an incorrect balance of testosterone can also affect a woman’s libido and sexual function as well as mood, growth or loss of body and facial hair, muscle tone… the list goes on and encompasses both men and women. This hormone influences your energy and virility – so you can appreciate the fact that testosterone is highly important to you in the whole scheme of things – especially in better sex. If you have any doubts about your testosterone level, you can have it checked out by your doctor with a simple blood test. As we age our levels of testosterone reduce and the effects are apparent: ranging from tiredness to muscle and bone weakness, to reduced virility and sperm production, erectile dysfunction, and even atrophied (withered) genitals!

Treatment Vs. Dependency

So, what about a cure? No problem!– patches and penis pills can be prescribed to make up a deficiency. But first, let’s examine why I’ve never been keen on supplementing what the body is designed to do for itself – except as a last resort once all other options have been exhausted. If fed a regular dose of what the body normally produces the organ that should perform this task gets lazy. Thus, after a longer period of time, the organ may quit production altogether. The result: You become dependent on the external supplement. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise – including sex – can maintain the right level of testosterone well into old age.

The Medical Bit

For the medically interested, testosterone is produced by the testes and adrenal gland, but the stimulation to produce more comes from the pituitary gland. If testosterone is provided by an external source, like a pill or cream or injection, the pituitary will sense enough testosterone is circulating and reduce the stimulus to produce more.

Some Solutions Are Found by Accident

In the 1950’s Dr Robert Blakoe was experimenting, seeking a cure for incontinence. His thinking was that the muscles responsible for controlling urine flow might be stimulated by the passing of a small current through the body in that area. What surprised him was that the study group reported an incidental benefit: improved penis performance – harder penis, last longer sex, longer lasting erections.

The Technical Bit

To remind you briefly of simple grade-school level science, if you fill a jar with a saline solution and put into the liquid a piece of copper and a piece of zinc each connected to a wire leading away from the jar you will discover that there is a potential difference (PD) between the two when measured with a multi-meter. In absolute ideal conditions, where the surface area of the two metal elements and the spacing between them and the choice of liquid, or electrolyte, is optimal, a PD of 1.5 volts can be achieved. A simple battery in other words.


So all we need to do is place a piece of copper at one side of our genitals and a piece of zinc to the other side and we have the makings of such a battery. A practical device incorporating these essential elements follows: A ring, rather like a cock ring, through which you pass your penis and testicles, so that the ring sits comfortably behind your testes and above your penis, made up of copper tubing sitting to one side and a rod of zinc sitting on the opposite side, and the two metal elements formed into a ring by joining together with latex tubing (no electrical properties) at the top and bottom ends, make a fine copy of Blakoe’s ring. You can buy a proprietary Blakoe Ring that is arguably more sophisticated but, for the cost-conscious, the version described does the same job at less than one-third of the price.

Trying It Out

The copper and zinc rods on the version I bought are each 2” long and 3/8” in diameters. They’re supplied with latex tubing which you cut into two lengths to join the two together and form a comfortable fit as described. This then positions the two metal rods at either side of the point where your penis exits the pubis and the vas deferens rise from the testes. The genital material between the two rods now forms the electrolyte. Normal skin dampness in this area assists in the process of electrical connectivity. Shaving the area ensures even better contact. Because of the tubing diameter the scrotum is held away from your thighs and holds your testicles at a slightly pronounced angle away from your body – not an unpleasant feeling. If you ever suffered from chafe where the scrotum rubs against the thighs, this will also be eliminated by this ring.

Magic Current!

Using a multi-meter I established that a voltage of 0.6 was immediately present – magic! No batteries, just a ring. By inducing a 50% erection it increased to 0.66v. It seems the extra blood flow improved the efficiency. Next, I measured current; it is tiny – which is why you don’t feel a thing – and hovered around the 18 micro-amps mark. However, there was a current passing through from one side to the other. It is this current that some think stimulates production of testosterone by the testes.


Major differences and/or changes don’t happen overnight. As your level of testosterone increases you are aware of subtle changes over time. And the changes aren’t drastic either, so there are no possibilities of ever ‘over-dosing’ by using this method, hence making it a very safe aspect of this method when compared to supplementation. Because it is so easy to wear you can wear it continuously – it’s okay even in the shower – and, after 7 days I noticed a definite improvement in my feeling of well-being. A further 7 days and I became a little irritable for no reason; I had read that this might happen and, anticipating the problem, was prepared to put up with it – it only lasted 48 hours. After a month of continuous wear I was beginning to enjoy better sex, shorter times to getting a full erection, last longer sex and harder penis. We are all different, physically, emotionally, psychologically, and in age, so each man might be affected in a different way or over different periods of time.

How to Prove It

Blakoe’s ring has been on the market now for over half a century and continues to be sold. This alone should be enough to shift one’s thinking to believe that there must be something about this product that really works. Another element, much written about, is that zinc is important to a man’s potency – there are many supplements sold on this premise. Simply going back to grade-school science we can see how this works. You can make a battery as previously described and wire the two metal elements to something that will draw current (like a tiny light bulb) and you will observe that bubbles of microscopic material travel from the cathode to the anode – in this case from the zinc rod to the copper – eventually the battery will fail because the zinc will have ‘disappeared’. I observed that the copper tube on mine became oxidised over time (just wash it off) and this is a sure sign that current had been flowing – but where was the zinc?

Study Group?

A controlled experiment with a study group of men could prove interesting – and hopefully more revealing. Monitoring usage and results is an obvious need but there is something else that I don’t believe has ever been tried yet: to precisely measure the weight of the zinc rod before use and again at the end of, say a 3 month trial. If, as I believe, the results show a loss of weight it should prove that zinc has passed from cathode to anode, and through the genitals of the wearer. Now that would be interesting! (c) Clive Peters – author of How to Maximize Your Manhood

About Clive Peters

Born in London, Clive Peters is married with a grown-up family. In common with many men, Clive came to PE through seeking a more natural remedy for erectile dysfunction (ED). Exchanging notes and ideas with like-minded men on the Internet, he met Dr. Trevor Roberts. Over eight years, the two of them researched and developed penis enhancement routines that resulted in Clive’s book: How to Maximize Your Manhood: What Every Red-Blooded Male Needs to Know.


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