New Chinese Skyscraper Definitely Looks Like a Penis

It’s not uncommon for building to look phallic,  but this newest addition to penis-shaped architecture is getting the roasting only an meme-driven, Internet society can give. The nearly complete Guangxi New Media Centre definitely looks like a penis and testicles, and residents are not amused.

In fact, one Chinese man was so irritated by the design of the building, he released a video where he super-imposed fireworks coming from the building, making it look like the building was ejaculating fireworks!

Check out the video below.

Yup! That definitely looks like an uncircumcised penis having an orgasm.

The designers of the building say the architecture, with its slat-like design is supposed to mimic the tiered rice paddies in China.

Guangxi New Media CentreGuangxi New Media Centre







However, instead of images of gently undulating hills, let’s be honest, this looks like Xi Jinping just woke up and is ready for action!

Guangxi New Media Centre penis shaped building 2

Guangxi New Media Centre penis shaped building 2

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