New, Unbreakable Sleeve Condoms for Phallosan Forte Introduced


If you’ve been a member of PEGym for awhile, I’m sure you know our love for the Phallosan Forte. This patented vacuum system extender is one of the most effective ways of enlarging your penis. Now, they’ve made it even better with their new unbreakable sleeve condom!


phallosanThe Phallosan Forte was developed over 15 years, to ensure users achieved real, PERMANENT enlargement results, while also maintaining comfort. Let’s be honest – if an extender is uncomfortable to wear, chances are you aren’t going to use it for as long as you need to, to get the results you want.

In January 2005, a clinical study of the effectiveness of PHALLOSAN® was carried out under the patronage of Professor Dr. Sohn, Chief Physician at a German urological clinic. The data was collected and evaluated by the clinic’s senior consultant, Dr. Hanikel. Results proved users saw measurable improvement in both length and girth. 

  • Length increased by 15% on average.
  • Libido increased by 45%
  • 50% of study participants reported harder erections
  • 91.7% of participants reported a positive experience with the Phallosan Forte


phallosan sleeve condomThe sleeve condoms are used to give you superior comfort during use of the Phallosan Forte, while also helping to ensure an even vacuum pressure along the full length of the penis. Made of medical grade silicone, these are perfect for even men with skin allergies to latex.

Now, their sleeve condoms are unbreakable! OK, obviously if you take a knife to it, you can break it, but with normal use, these babies are strong! Just one more reason the Phallosan Forte is one of our favorite enlargement products. Check out the video at the top of the page to learn more.

Kimberly Wylie

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