Four New Year’s Resolutions that Can Make a Difference in Your Penis Enlargement Journey

new years resolutions

new years resolutionsI love New Year’s! Even though it’s just another day on the calendar, it’s also the official beginning of something — a chance to start anew. It’s a time to take stock of where we are in our lives, and where we’d like to be next year at this same time. On New Year’s, we know anything is possible in the coming year, and we CAN achieve our goals!

Here are four New Year’s Resolutions that can make a difference in your penis enlargement journey this year.

  1. Keep a Journal – Resolve to keep a penis enlargement journal this year. One of the best ways to keep yourself on track is to write things down. Your journal should include your starting measurements and your desired end goal. It should also include, in the beginning, what your penis exercise plan is. Be specific! Which exercises will you do? How often? How many sets/reps? Review your journal frequently, to see if you’re on track with your initial goals. If you find yourself slipping, get right back on track. If you need to change your workout plan to challenge your body more, make a note of the new plan. Your journal can be either kept private or share it online with other PEGym forum members, and let them help keep you motivated all year long!
  1. Be Healthier – Make a resolution to improve your general health this year, and you’ll see it also pay off in your penis enlargement goals. Improved health means improved circulation. Improved circulation means a healthier, harder and larger penis. Stop smoking. Cut back on fat-laden, high cholesterol foods. Exercise (even something as simple as take a walk) for at least 30 minutes a day. Limit your alcohol intake. All of these things can significantly improve your cardiovascular health and get you to your penis enlargement goals faster.
  1. Reward Yourself Resolve to reward yourself when you reach certain milestones. Make these milestones things you can directly control. Instead of rewarding yourself for gaining a 1/4″ in erect length, reward yourself for working out per your enlargement routine plan for a month. Reward yourself frequently to keep yourself motivated. Don’t wait to reward yourself until you reach your main enlargement goal. Instead, look for weekly or monthly mini-goals you can achieve and give yourself small rewards, that will help you keeping stepping toward your main penis enlargement goal.
  1. Stay Positive – Make a resolution to be a more positive person this year, and you’ll see the new attitude reflect in improvements in all areas of your life, including your penis enlargement journey. Remember, we all have setbacks. We all have obstacles we must overcome to be successful.  Some are worse than others. However, we can either choose to see those obstacles as an opportunity to grow and succeed or as a permanent roadblock to our future. That choice is completely yours. When your enlargement efforts plateau, that’s OK! Know there are things you can do! Know your will be able to overcome it! Don’t get discouraged! Stay positive and keep trying, and you’ll definitely succeed!



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  2. Would have liked to see a mention of cutting down or cutting out porn under number 2. Quitting porn and decreasing how much I masturbate has been one of the better healthy choices I’ve made. I already eat healthy, don’t smoke, go to the gym 3-4 times a week, but quitting porn was the one thing that never occurred to me. Turns out it was holding me back and I say good riddance.

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