NJ Woman Pleads Guilty After Man’s Death in Botched Penis Enlargement

rivera penis enlargement fatality siliconeWe’ve been following this news story for awhile…

Woman Charged in Penis Enlargement Fatality Now Charged with Bribery

… and it appears it’s finally coming to a conclusion.

If you haven’t read about this tragic penis enlargement tale, here’s the basics. In 2011, 22-year old Justin Street went to 38-year old Kasia Rivera for silicone injections to enlarge his penis. After the injection on May 11th, 2011, Street suffered a silicone embolism and died.

A New Jersey medical examiner ruled that Street’s death was a homicide and Rivera was charged. Now, four and a half years later, Rivera has acknowledged that she wasn’t a trained physician, nor was she licensed to give these injections. As such, she’s plead guilty to homicide. The prosecutors have recommended that she be sentenced to five years in state prison. There is also the chance that Rivera could be deported back to Jamaica. Sentencing is scheduled for October 19th.

This is such a sad story! There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a larger penis, but, guys, don’t go to this extreme! Instead penis exercises can get you better results that are permanent, without the dangers. You don’t need surgery. You don’t need injections.

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